Sadly, X can now legally purchase a firearm

I suggest you run.

Hey as long as I’m out of sniping range, I’m perfectly fine.

You mean its his birthday.

I’m waiting for you X, if you want to come after me.

Happy Birthday, Mr. X2K. I do hope you have a permit for that bazooka.

He cannot read this- but happy birthday! :smiley:

And I do believe you have to be twenty one to purchase a firearm in NY state. At least, thats how it was here a few years ago.

Yeah I’m being a hypocrite by doing this but happy birthday X. :kissy:

does the happy birthday dance for X

Happy BD, X. May you find (legal) adulthood rewarding. :wave:

Wait, how old do you have to be to own a firearm in New York?

Birthy Hapday, my lamer-slaying comrade.

And I already own three pistols, a shotgun, and a rifle. Mwaha.

I don’t quite understand the obsession behind guns… other then guys who are ‘shorter’ in status tend to get more when they feel inadequate with themselves :stuck_out_tongue:

Never the less, happy birthday X ^^


Infonick mocks X for having to purchase his weapon and ammo

would mock Infonick for needing weapons and ammo, but doesn’t want to find out how effective Marine hand-to-hand training is

Happy birthday,X is but a shadow of SD (where is he btw).

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

jumps out of a cake

Maybe I should wait before going to visit X, then. Just to wait until everything dies down.

Oh, and happy birthday.

I’d say “yeah, happy birthday ‘n’ stuff” except that I’m afraid of what Lilith would do to a Reploid. >> <<


Good thing I’m Death and bullets have no effect on me.

Sure, you keep repeating yourself that