Sabin's wibwooism ranting thread

I went through alot of trouble to upload this, so i’d apreciate it if it wasnt moved, thanks.

They thought they could get rid of it by formating the server, but I made copies!

hugs you :slight_smile:

has mad passionate love with you

I remember that guy. I got into an argument with him about the influences of the West on Russian culture, he ended up calling me a Nazi.

For Mother Russia!

Whoo, I joined just after he left, glad I could see some of his work! ^^

<img src=“”> Your mom shall live on! w00tage!

Originally posted by Rudora
<img src=“”> Your mom shall live on! w00tage!
Remember to close your quotes, Rud.

And you’ve exceeded your bandwidth, Charly.

Thats what YOUR MOM SAID!!!111


Woo 9 unavailable pages, roxor!

I’m gonna host them on my server for a day or two (until this thread dies) so Charly’s bandwidth doesn’t eja-<CENSORED!> like his mom does.

There are only eight pages… o_O

Yeah I kind of came in when that guy was being banned, I didn’t post in that mess I don’t think.

I didn’t upload all the images and shit just so I can conserve bandwidth.

O_O Rather blunt individual wasn’t he?

Yes, I remember him as well. We argued in another thread about the ancient Swastika and its origins. His facts certainly were utterly maladroit, perhaps even more than Hades Shingami.

imagines a cage-match between Hades Shingami and Sabin; hyper-Japan vs. hyper-Russia

sabin was a really big fucktard.

I’ve heard some stuff about this Hades guy too. Was he as bad as him?

Hades is a fanboy/girl to the extreme

Originally posted by Seraphim Ephyon
I’ve heard some stuff about this Hades guy too. Was he as bad as him?

Sabin was worse, i think. hades was a stubborn ass, sure, but he wasn’t a racist/bigot/Complete fucking moron.