Sabin's wibwooism ranting thread

I like to post this now and then just to keep it on the buffer.

I was reminded of this thread we had a while back, back in the day, before you young-uns came here. In the old days, when we had to walk 20 miles in the snow, up hill, both ways, just to get to the internet.

Anywho, Ladies and gentlemen, on the evening of June, Ninth, Two Thousand and Two, this fellow by the name of Sabin, began a thread. if memory serves correct. This was after the Summer Olympic Games, and he was a little perturbed at the score the russian soccer team got.


SHut up you fucking liberal joe six pack

Dude, that thing messed up my browser. It added toolbars, deleted my cookies, closed all of my browsers except that window. It was strange. There’s no way I’m looking to see what it is all about.

Aww, I’m sorry Infonick, I’ll host it onto RPGC now that I’ve been staff for like 2 years.

Oh God I remember Epic showed me this when I first joined the site. Good times.

What class act. He’s almost as cool as Hades.
Edit: Anglo-Saxon faggot cracked me up.

God, I can’t believe I acted like that. I’m so sorry.

<font size=“3”>YOUR MOM WAS BUILT IN NORTH AMERICA!!!</font>

What is an Anglo-Saxon?

Certainly not you, you freaking Norman.

oh shi

It’s cool, I’m just surprised by what happened.