Ruruoni Kenshin: Wandering Samurai

Am I the only one who likes this Anime?
I have asked around, and many people do not seem to enjoy it.
Does anyone here?

~ Guardian:enguard:

Most people complain about how it focuses too much on the idealistic stuff instead of the fighting, and how the characters talk too damn much. Although it’s not completely incorrect, some go as far as to compare the in-battle dialogue with the shitty Yu-Gi-Oh! dub, which is a bit extreme.

Yes, I like it a lot. Or in reality, I like the manga a lot. The anime has mediocre animation at first, switches into kickass mode during Kyoto Hen and then goes straight to hell with the thirty-something filler chapters.

The characters are clichés, but they are still lovable. Kenshin definitely doesn’t deserve the angsty bishonen stamp most people give him and the cast is good enough. Hiko and Saitou are great, especially the latter has some really awesome line like that one phrase after the battle with Usui.

The mix between fiction and reality is done really well, especially the political factor. There’s also the way Watsuki manages to true change historical events so they can be used in the story, without actually altering the written history in the least.

I’m broken right now so I haven’t been able to buy past Vol.20, but as soon as my job starts I’ll get the rest right away.

I’ve only watched through the Kyoto arc since that’s all my friend had to loan to me. However, I’ve heard that the Meiji arc is just made-up filler mini-arcs since the anime had caught up with the manga at the time… Everything from the series that I’ve watched I’ve really enjoyed.

I didn’t have any problem with the animation, and I also didn’t have any problems with the dub. Music was great… Kenshin’s been one of my favorites.

SE, can you get the economy box sets where you are, or are you interested in individual volumes only?

I am trying to get a hold of all the episodes, myself.

~ Guardian:enguard:

The filler episodes were so bad that they had to cancel the series. A pity, because the last saga is excellent. There are four OVAs that cover that, fortunately.

Like I said, the Kyoto saga is by far the best of the animated version. The animation during that arc is far better than the rest. I suppose it’s a good thing you only watched that.

I’m not sure if you are talking about the manga or the anime. The manga is being published by a local editorial called Ivrea (A really awesome group) and you can only get the individual volumes at 8.50 each (It’s actually pretty cheap when you sum up the numbers). I suppose I could find someplace that sells the anime, but since it’s still being aired on TV and I have seen the whole thing like six times, I see little reason to.

Oh yeah, I was talking about the anime… oops, ha ha.

I wish that they had done the Revenge arc in the series, but oh well… :\

I managed to get ahold of the first and last economy boxes a while back, but I can’t for the life of me find the middle one >_< I really like this show, mostly because of the fact that it focuses on the idealistic stuff, I think that’s a strong point! Then again, I do that too, so bleh.

Everything good and important in this series was released under the title Samurai X, if you ask me.
I loved all the OVAs, but the TV show just never got to me. Too much filler, the idealism was a little too forced on you and didn’t seem a part of the story as much as the story was a part of it. They just tried way too hard with it.

I watched it a REALLY long time ago, and I liked it then, although I barely remember it now, uhhhh, let’s see, there was the first episode with Kenshin and that girl person, then there was some evil bandaged guy…yep, that’s about all I can think of. XD

Well, I know they had the premium boxes (all pretty wood-like with the cardboard sleeves inside) a while back, but now they’re doing a new release with box sets for each arc. I think it’s just like a regular box set. The first one’s already out, and I’m not sure about the others. I’m sure that Best Buy or something would have it.

I’ll be sure to keep a look out for those new ones. Those wood looking ones were the ones I got a hold of, and hopefully the new boxes contain the same episodes, that way I can just buy the second one and be done with it. I should’ve held onto those wooden looking boxes, they were badass, but I threw them away :frowning:

The seasons are divided the same way, and according to Right Stuf all three are available. Season 2 is about $80.

Sweet, i’ll definitely have to keep a look out then. The older ones were like fifty bucks more, but then again I bought them at FYE, and everything’s more expensive there, heh.

Ha, yeah… I’d like to get the wooden bento-box looking sets (my friend has those, and they do look so nice!), but they’re still at least $130 each new. :\ It’s just a LOT of money to spend!

It sucks that it’d cost you that much to buy them, but i’m happy with the fact that i’m not the only one who got screwed on the price, lol! I figured they’d be cheaper depending on where you go, but I guess I was wrong.