Ruroni Kenshin

O.k., I’ve had my VCR set to tape Ruroni Kenshin since they first kicked over to Saturdays. So I got up this morning only to find Jackie Chan where Ruroni Kenshin should be. What time has CN randomly kicked Kenshin to now?

He went to 11 PM EST.

Who knows? CN randomly moves shows more than ABC, and that’s a lot. CN is evil, man! EVIL!

so, what happened this week. I don’t want to be lost next week.

Well, bascially Kenshin used the ultimate attack on that kid (shows how much attention I paid to get his name) to defeat him. After he had gotten up he explained to Shishio’s companion girl person how the attack was performed. Kenshin and Sanoskue finally reach Shishio as well.

So i missed out on the Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki… Damn the luck.

Any reasonable descriptions, or will I just have to wait 6 months for them to rerun it.

[spoiler]Don’t worry, he uses it again against Shishio, this time with it’s full power (Or something like that because it looks more impresive than before).

The battle is not that impressive, at least the most important part is Soujiro’s flashback about his childhood, how he meets Shishio and how he kills all his family (Or the people he lived with, I don’t remember). The Kenshin uses the Amakawhatever and Soujiro does the fast running thing. They both strike but Kenshin wins (Duh) the he get’s out of the room, Soujiro explains the girl how Kenshin’s tech works and he decides to become a Rurouni. You see a little scene with him at the end of the saga.[/spoiler]

By the way, impressive work on spelling that thing, you get a cookie.

what can I say, I’m a katana nut.

You know, I used to be a Rorouni fan, but of late the show’s getting TOO wacky. First of all, originally all their moves were based on believable stuff; of late, it sounds more like DBZ (and a GIANT? What’s up with that?) (I know this comment might sound odd out of a fan of Superheroes and Fantasy like me, but if a series doesn’t start by stablishing that superpowers exists from the beginning, I don’t like it when they’re introduced without warning.)

Also, don’t you think the show’s suffering from YUGIOHitis? EVERYONE is boasting about his or her secret attack, explains what they’re going to do to their enemies (and they FAIL to take the chance to attack while the other one is yakking!) and AFTER the attack is used, someone explains why it worked or failed. Err, can we get back to the story…?

Okay, there’s a lot of stuff that is impossible (Like striking in 10 directions at the same time) but Watsuki has that skill to give excuses for most of the fantasy stuff making it reasonable (Okay, maybe not the giant). For example, one of the Oniwabanshuu used to spit fire so he created a whole explanation that I don’t remember but it had something to do with his teeth and an oil sack.

The battles aren’t ONLY two guys striking each other with sharp objects, so you have to get the strategic sense of it (Kenshin spends about ten minutes figuring out why Shishio’s blade is in flames). It’s no Evangelion, but it’s a good anime to watch. At least until the end of Kyoto Hen.