Rumble Roses

I was expecting, with the amount of perverts over here, to not have to make this topic. But I did.

Rented this the other day, and it’s surprisingly entertaining. It really does capture the essence of Japanese wrestling. Wacky storylines, out of this world costumes, and moves that make you cringe just by looking at them. For those who want to know who did the soundtrack for this, it’s a bunch of artists signed by Konami, going from Akira Yamaoka to dj TAKA passing by another bunch of artists.

Gameplay is very Smackdown! like, but far more fluid and entertaining.

Give it a rent and you’ll see it’s more than just T&A.

I need to disagree completely. The characters are boring, the storyline is boring (you know it’s sad when Smackdown SYM has a better storyline than a game, and that’s two years older), the gameplay is identical to Smackdown with the exception of the moronic idea to have the Circle button as the all-purpose button, and that you can press Triangle to set up an opponent for a finisher so long as you have one stored (a feature Smackdown did away with three games ago since it made finishers too easy to do).

The only thing this game has over Smackdown is the brutality of some of the moves (I love Judgment’s Lethal Move), although that’s kind of Smackdown’s fault too since the geniuses behind it decided to take out some of the coolest moves from HCTP in SvR.

Another thing about it is the whopping one match style, compared to Smackdown’s approximately 40-something. Yeah, you can say two matches, but Mad Mud is identical to Normal except basically without ropes.

Overall, compared to Smackdown, this game feels really hollow. Normal one-on-one matches just aren’t fun after a while, but that’s all that happens in this game. If I want wrestling, I’ll stick to Smackdown (or even Day of Reckoning), which also has a CAW mode to boot (something wrestling games need nowadays).

HCTP was the best Smackdown, quite frankly. SvR concentrated too much on putting in stupid features in lieu of actually needed features (reanimating the old moves, for example) and improving graphics that they didn’t solve the main problem. The gameplay got old, fast. The only reason people would play SvR after a while are the different match types, and maybe CaW.

Personally, SvR bombed as it had to live up to HCTP, RR was better for a first time game. HOWEVER, RR is not the best wrestling game out there, DoR is. As far as the controls are, I expected something Smackdown-y, but I personally thought they were better. Moves were very well animated, entrances didn’t look like ass (for once), and pretty much everything else flowed together smoothly.

There’s a lot of place for amelioration, true, but they’re on the right track.

I agree with a lot of that, SDvR felt like a real step down from HCTP.
And yeah, as far as the actual wrestling goes, DoR is the best overall from this year’s batch. I just didn’t really mention it much since RR and SDvR are so similar, while DoR is much different in nature.
(My only problem with DoR’s gameplay is that it’s so hard to get up sometimes, you really have to mash on A.)

(Also, neither SDvR nor DoR have Lita. What’s up with that?)

Still though, CAW mode for me is the most fun part of the games, and while SDvR’s isn’t as good as HCTP’s (although SYM’s was the most fun), it’s better than DoR in that regard. If Rumble Roses had a CAW mode, I probably would have loved it a lot more than I do. Without one, though, it gets old fast. I just wish there was more to do in the game, is all.

One other thing that bugs about RR was that you can only have half the characters available at any time. This makes sense in one player, but I wish it wasn’t like that in multiplayer. Speaking of that though, I do like the idea of vows system, although it really needs some tweaking.

Now, I don’t think RR is a bad game (I tend to exaggerate about how I don’t like it), I just think there’s a lot of room for improvement. But the same goes for SDvR, in that case.

Presentation, in both games, was good, I just think RR’s was more refined. For one reason, it doesn’t have Zebrahead.

Yeah, don’t get me started on SDvR’s music, I play with mute on most of the time.
Especially for the Swollen Members song.
“Bounce! C’mon, Bounce! C’mon, Bounce! C’mon, Bounce!..” repeated to infinity. Polyamorous is the only song on there I even like, but it’s not played on the menus, only as a theme song or during battle.

Polyamorous is good, a certain bit of Alone can be entertaining, but the rest…

I dunno, they just don’t stack up to dj TAKA, Akira Yamaoka and the rest of the guys who did the RR music.