RS3 Mikhael's mini game help : /

::doh:: hmm I feel like a n00b but… after playing RS3 for so long (10 years?), beaten the game many times… I still can’t seem to understand how Mikhael’s mini game works : /

I sit on the throne, start developing assests/people and my money runs dry. When I collect tax, the people’s satisfaction falls down like crazy and I really can’t have enough money to develope anything further. Is there anyway to gain money other than collecting tax? Don’t have much chance to try out the war side since I almost always run out of money after 3-4 commands :frowning:

any guides or hints or suggestion appreciate :bowser:

I played through Mikhail’s scenario twice (well, only the minigame and all the wars the second time). I never EVER taxed the people. My source of income was from winning wars (for example, beating the Divine Cult back in the desert provides 600k) and selling junk over the 10,000 limit.
Other than that, throw a few tens of thousands into assets (ignore social. assets raises opinion too) and focus the rest into military.
Mik’s sidegame isn’t one you can mull over for a few hours and be done with. You’ll have to work at it as you progress through the game. Buy an asset, kill an abyss gate guardian.

On a sidenote, recruit Undine and purchase the Death Ring (sit on the throne to get 2). Then when you get the death fragment, buy a third death ring. Give her that armor with +2 Int, the 3 rings and bam. 32 Intelligence. Show the world whose water magic rules them all.

Ah, so selling items over 10,000 will go to country’s money automaticly? Never figured that out… thanks for your answer :slight_smile: What about money drop from battles? Will developing weapons/armors increase the army’s strength as well? Or better keep hiring more mercs? What’s the good thing about raising good relations with other country?

In my current game I’ve closed 3 gates without playing Mikhael’s mini game at all and … hmm an army attacked me the first thing I sat on my throne. They got bears, dragons and weird looking armies that pretty much wiped out my army hehe. Guess their strengths do increase as the game goes by… :o

Money dropped from enemies doesn’t go towards your treasury if you’re at the 10,000 limit. If you’re planning to fight some money heavy enemies like goblins or the little mage guys in Aunas’ palace, sell something worth a few hundred or a few thousand and work that back up by killing them.

Battles getting harder? Not really. The hardest battle I find is the Highwaymen battle, and it can hit you in the face as soon as the game begins. 3 consecutive battles. The first requires Intel L1 and the other ability that makes them charge or else you’ll probably lose the top of your army to archers. The third battle they have powerful ass mercenaries who clean house with your bottom row.

Military wise my suggestion is to develop new tactics (its the only way to get the Intels) and always keep mercenaries at hand.

Thanks Dyhalto :slight_smile: Now im having fun with this minigame.

Just rushed through Highwaymen last night. They turn out to be pretty easy with gush wind. The 3rd battle I use fast forward, activate explosion team as soon as I get close and follow by an all charge :hahaha; The tactic worked with Edwin and Librof too, can end the battle reakky fast.

btw have you ever fought that flying dragon army at the swamp? They can even push back my gush wind, can’t figure out a way to beat em so far.

Interesting strategy. My plan was always use Intel L1 and force them into a weak attack, no defense charge, then I pound them into the dirt with an All Charge, and I use Intel L2 to cancel out any charges they do.

Just one of the things that makes Mikhail’s minigame so much fun.

…flying dragon army at a swamp. It doesn’t ring a bell. What’s the knight dude say before asking if you want to engage them?

Wow, nice info. :stuck_out_tongue: I also noticed you were named after a Langrisser character, haw. Just thought I note my enthusiasm about that as I just got into the series myself.

On the topic, I’m surprised Kagon hasn’t replied here, he’s a little war game hero, too. :stuck_out_tongue: But I guess he probly won’t have to, now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’ve been using the screen name Dyhalto ever since I first got on the internet back in '97. The Langrisser Shrine (now defunct) introduced me to mp3s.

Back in my day, we had to wait 45 minutes for a 3 minute mp3, uphill both ways in the snow.

me and my 28.8 K modem still do that. :stuck_out_tongue: BTW, since you’d probly be interested, have you heard about the Langrisser 3 translation in progress?

You can find it somewhere there. I don’t know how often it’s updated though :confused: Still, looks promising, and they did a hell of a job with the first game.

If I see the dragon army again i’ll capture the screen. can’t remember what the soldier said.

the explosion team almost always wipe out over 60% of the enemies everytime I use it. :smiley: you should try it, it’s really fun to see.

I did try using it. My attempts usually ended in miserable failure :frowning:
Besides. There’s something dishonorable about using suicide troops. :frowning: :frowning:

Lets hope the Langrisser 3 translation goes through :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

heh. First time I’ve been to a forum with no built in code for making faces out of colons and brackets.

Yeah, being away a few days and forgetting to check stuff makes it hard to reply =P. Gush Wind + Spd Atk Fwd always tends to make fast work of the enemies, no matter what the scenario is really. Question though- in the rom there’s data for a battle against elephants (like Zo) and monsters (not the battle at the end where you go against the final Abyss Gate monsters). Anyone happen to have triggered these?