I just want to point out a program I recently found to be immensely useful called MapTool. It’s mapping software for pen and paper type games, and on top of that it’s networked, so you can use it in real time while playing a campaign.

Neat. I guess?

what’s the link for it. I wouldn’t mind having a look.

Here’s a kewl 3E character generator I found. you can customize it based on campaigns. http://home.redblade.org/

MapTool. I already linked it once in the previous post.

I’m actually psyched about the new version of D&D coming out. I saw the introduction videos on the wizards.com web site and I think it will be alot better than the 3E crap out now.

check out the videos here http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/welcome