RPGXP Game in the works

Would anyone be interested in testing or playing the result of my first “chapter”? The game has no title yet and has about 30min-45min worth of gameplay if you level up enough to beat the bosses.

It is being authored in RPGXP which some of you may know about. I wasn’t pleased with the idea of loosing the sideview ((final fantasy style)) battle system. But over all, this is a MUCH more powerful program compaired to its predicessors.

Send me a PM and we can work somthing out.

It’s also a lot more complicated. I prefer to use 2k for my RPG-making needs.

Still, give me a ring on AIM and I’ll take a look.

Whats more complicated? So far, graphically, I’ve been able to do alot more. The only set back (in my opinion) is the lack of a Right-Click “Teleport” Event option like in 2k3. But with patience I dont mind so much.

The battles, music, and most of the graphics are alot nicer. I’d especially like to say the music rocks. This is the first time using an RPGMaker series program where I felt that the music was “good enough” to be in the game. I like it, but we’ll see what others think.

why dont you learn how to program and learn how to make real games?

Wow, that’s a pretty…mean comment. I mean, sure, the RM seires isn’t known for being the most complicated program to make games, but I mean, it’s still a game maker, and it’s something that makes real games.

Probably 'cause it’d take months to churn out even a Mario-like game… much less something highly interactive with nice graphics. Unless you’d prefer plodding around text-based dungeons all day…

It wasn’t meant to be a mean comment, just a realistic one. Regardless of whether or not the program is good, the marketability and usefulness of a module for the game is nonexistant. I just think instead of playing around, one could get serious about it and actually try to make a real game. Yes it will be difficult and time consuming, but at least he will have a legitimate end result.

So, you’re implying that such a game wouldn’t be legitimate? The goal is to make something entertaining, not to make something commercially viable. Would it be preferable to make it from scratch? Possibly. Would it be feasable? Not likely.

Do i need RMXP to interpret the game? 'cause i don’t have it :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise, i’d love to play it, PM it to me, and if anyone knows a link to a site where i can download RMXP, i’d like that too :smiley: