Here are the RPGNT Bios:



Origin: That’s me, oh, I’m from Visalia
Debut: Episode 1
Real Name: I wish to keep that a secret, unless my brother reveals his.
Salary: Infinite (No, it’s how much my brother pays me)
Role: Gemini is the producer of RPG News, he makes sure the anchors don’t mess up while reporting. He also invites guests to come to the show. Gemini has also appeared in his brother’s fics.

Cloud Strife

Origin: FF7
Debut: Episode 2
Salary: 3000 gil an hour
Role: Cloud is the main anchor for the show. He as well is the main character of FF7. He is also the one who starts each and every show. It was his popularity that got him to be an anchor.


Origin: Kingdom Hearts
Debut; Episode 1
Salary: Diddily Squat per hour
Role: Sora is Cloud’s assistant. He doesn’t say that much that’s news. He had an interesting idea for a résumé in episode 1. He was taken away by Happy Clown, but the others had saved him from death.


Origin: Xenosaga
Deput: Episode 1
Salary: 4000 gil per hour
Role: Jr. is the RPGN weatherman. He showed us some not-so-interesting weather in episode 3. He is an excellent gunman and was able to beat Great Joe in a duel. (Great Joe auditioned, but didn’t make it.)


Origin: FFX
Debut: Episode 2
Salary: 4000 gil per hour
Role: Wakka, like Jr., has expertise in a specific area of news. Wakka is the sports anchor, and he has barely made any news.


Squall Leonheart

Origin: FF8
Debut: Episode 3
Role: Squall was invited to be a guest on the show, but the security thought he was a moron so they wouldn’t let him in. He got his way back into the studio ever since Gemini hired KOS-MOS.


Guard Cyborgs

Origin: A Factory down south
Debut: Episode 1
Role: The GC’s are the main security system. They make sure that you’re a member of the news team, or smart enough to be a guest on the show.


Origin: Xenosaga
Debut: Episode 4
Salary: As much as she wants
Role: She is the android head of security. She was just hired after episode 3 to make sure that guests get into the studio alive. She also has very BIG guns that could wipe out RPG Town!



Origin: Starcraft
Debut: Episode 2
Role: She tried to audition, but since this is RPG News, she doesn’t meet all one of the qualifications. She then tried to take over the studio and failed miserably.

Happy Clown

Origin: A Crazy Made-up Circus
Debut: Episode 4
Role: Happy Clown was the one who broke into the studio in Episode 4. He broke in again in Episode 5, but this time, he has started a fight with the heroes. He won the battle, and has taken Sora away to his circus. He met an unfortunate end and lots of payments to the RPG Town mafia.

The Blue

Origin: Blue Gender
Debut: Episode 6
Role: The Blue had once destroyed Earth, but most of them were wiped out. Happy Clown used to have one in the security. It was killed by Gemini and the heroes.

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More Bios:


Joey Heald

Origin: Blue Gender
Debut: Episode 7
Salary: 2000 gil an hour
Role: Note: Joey is NOT an RPG Character, but he’s the cameraman for the news. He originally saved Gemini and the heroe from an ill-tempered elephant, he then became a guest, then staff.


Strong Sad

Origin: Land of Depression
Debut: Episode 10
Role: This guy has a miserable life, and two brothers that torture him all the time. He now is the King of Depression and is visiting the RPG News Studio. He wants things sad, and he also constantly annoys Vos Ceras.

d Galloway

Origin: Gemini’s Brother
Debut: Episode 7
Role: Galloway is Gemini’s older brother. He is also the author of famous fics like FF Break Room, Naar Saga and just recently, the King of Fanfiction. He almost got Heavy Lourded, but the Heavy Lourde hit Joey instead. (Poor Joey.)


The King of Town

Origin: Homestar Runner
Debut: Episode 2
Role: The KoT was called using the FF Break Room’s telephone to stop Kerrigan from infesting the News Studio. See FF Break Room 15 to see why I called him.

Mr. T

Origin: 70’s and 80’s
Debut: Episode 2
Role: Mr. T has been known to say words like “Foo!” or “Sucka!” On the show Mr. T has thrown Kerrigan out of the studio, thus saving it. Besides, he’s helluva tough, so don’t mess with him!

Episode 9 Guests:


Origin: The Mario Series
Role: Mario was one of many guests in the Great Interview, and part of the cause of its failure. He is one of the most popular video game characters.


Origin: Legend of Zelda
Role: Same as Mario except he’s more popular and complained about something that will get fixed soon.


Origin: Sweet Home
Role: Akiko was the nurse in Sweet Home, and a guest on RPG News. She complains about the medical wing.


Origin: FF7
Role: Sephirioth is the extra x100 cool villain in FF7 with extra x100 cool music. He was an invited guest, and didn’t get to say or slash anything. he will appear in later episodes.

RPGClassics Guest Bios:


Origin: Real Life
Role: Pierson is currently a haggard college student in the UK. He was last seen being blown up in someone else’s fic. He joins the RPGC News Team as a correspondant. What for, nobody really knows


Origin: My Mind
Role: After defeating Jade, Mastering Magic and aiding Galloway in his defeat of Naar, Chris has decided that he wants to work as a Security Guard for RPGNews.

Absolutley Positively more bios!


Vos Ceras

Origin: Visalia
Debut: Episode 2
Salary: He gets paid whenever he wants, or when Gemini does it in real life.
Real Name: You shouldn’t be asking that question.
Role: VC Is Gemini’s best friend and recently hired staff at RPG News. He’s Gemini’s second-in-command producer and also makes sure that the peoples in the studio don’t blow up the place. (Insanity’s required.)



Origin: FF6
Role: Kefka was the insane villain in FF6. Since he is so cool, he deserves to be on the show (And beat up Strong Sad.)


Origin: FFX
Role: Tidus was the hero of FFX, and was a reporter for the news. He reported that Lynx was killing Chocobos.


Origin: Chrono Cross
Role: Lynx is a cat-like human, or demihuman who owns a farm in the city of RPG Ranch. He kills Chocobos for a living and is proud of it.

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More Bios:


Krusty the Klown

Origin: The Simpsons
Role: Krusty is the current founder and president of Mt. Splashmore Theme Park. He is a very funny clown that knows plenty of tricks

Saddam Hussein

Origin: Baghdad, Iraq
Role: Saddam was not invited to Gemini’s birthday party, and currently wants to destroy the studio using his nuclear weapons.

Satsuki Yatouji, the Phoenix Valkyrie

From: X/1999/Star Ocean/Legend of the Five Rings
Pay: We pay people here?
Job: Special effects. Setting people on fire. Running around the studio randomly.