RPGClassics March Madness

Now, I know none of y’all are college b-ball fans (well, maybe a few). I’m not that big of a fan either. I did, however, make a few free brackets just to see how I do at picking games.

That’s not the purpose, no. In the chat, Ackbar and I each asked two chatters (two American females and two Europeans) to pick the games without any outside knowledge, including seeding. I have TD and GSM. Ack has Trillian and Nulani.

As it stands now, Trill leads the pack with 100 points (out of 160 possible). GSM is at 80. Nul has 70, and TD has 60. GSM and Nul already have some big busts though; each have already lost two Final Four teams (both lost their nat’l runner up too).

TD is in the worst shape though. So far, he has not picked a single game correctly in the Oakland region, and he honestly can only get three of the four games left correct. Even though it will hurt my competition with Ackbar, I am hoping that TD manages to not get a single game in the Oakland region correct. That would be the true bracket buster.

For those that wonder, their picks for Final Four and champs:

TD -
FF: Syracuse (5), Oral Roberts (16), Washington (5), Davidson (15). Davidson beats Oral Roberts 69 to 26.

Trill -
FF: West Virginia (6), Bradley (13), Albany (16), Boston college (4). Albany beats Bradley 57 to 46.

FF: LSU (4), Kent State (12), Utah State (12), Nevada (5). Kent State beats Utah State 108 to 78.

Nul -
FF: Syracuse (5), Marquette (7), Murray State (14), Montana (12). Murray State beats Syracuse 69 to 62.

I shall keep you apprised of the point situation at the end of every day of tourny play.

Update time!

So, Kansas went down in a shocker to Bradley. Many experts even picked them to go to the Final Four. This really fucked over TD. In his Oakland bracket, he was able to get only ONE game correct, and that was Pitt’s first round win over Kent State. That bracket is busted. He can’t get any more points out of the Minneapolis bracket; that bracket is busted. He can get only one more game correct in the Atlanta bracket, busted. He has only one Final Four team left alive, Washington. He is fucked.

Nul has only one Final Four team left alive, Montana. She somehow (read: luckily) guessed that Nevada/Montana would be a 5-12 upset. She’s still in better condition than TD though.

GSM has only one Final Four team left alive, LSU. She still has a decent chance of winning because no one region is utterly decimated.

Trill is in the best shape. She still has THREE Final Four teams left, including Bradley. She looks prone to win this. On to the point totals!

TD: 130/320
Nul: 160/320
GSM: 170/320
Trill: 200/320

Nooo, Murray. ;_;

Update time!

Well, TD had only two games yesterday that he could correctly predict based on who was left in the tourny, and he got them both correct. Washington and Wichita State won. Wichita State upset the highly over-seeded Tennessee in an upset everyone except Woody Page saw coming. Washington is still his only Final Four team left.

Nulani got three 2nd round games right, Duke, Gonzaga, and Wichita State. She’ll probably beat TD, but I don’t see her winning at all. She has no Final Four teams left alive.

GSM got three 2nd round games right so far, Duke, LSU, and Florida. LSU is still alive for her Final Four.

Trillian got four 2nd round games right yesterday, Duke, LSU, Washington, and Boston College. She still has three Final Four teams left alive, West Virginia, Bradley, and Boston College.

I haven’t crunched the numbers yet, but Nul and TD are close to being mathematically eliminated from winning it all. Onto the scores!

TD: 170/480
Nul: 220/480
GSM: 230/480
Trill: 280/480

So, did anyone pick NC State to win anything? :smiley:

I did Vicki! I picked them to win in the first round!

but I am ruined because I had UNC as the champion :frowning:

Ha, lol. At least they were picked for something!

Update time!

Well, there were a few big upsets. Bradley beat Pitt. George Mason shocked the defending national champs (not that good of a pick, Merl). Georgetown shut down THE Ohio State University.

TD’s regions are all done for except his DC region. He picked West Virginia to win in the second round, and they did. Now, his only hope for points relies SOLELY on Washington beating UConn and then beating the winner of Wichita State/George Mason. Unfortunately for TD, Trill has him so covered in points that TD is mathematically eliminated from winning.

Nulani’s bracket is almost done. The only points she can get is if Memphis beats Bradley on Thursday, which SHOULD happen. However, should Memphis lose and Washington roles to the Final Four, TD will pass Nulani for third place. Come on Washington and Bradley. She is mathematically eliminated from winning.

GSM can get 160 more points, but that’s only because she has three games left she could possibly guess the winner of. She needs LSU to beat Duke then beat the winner of West Virginia/Texas as well as Florida beating Georgetown. She can still possibly win it if the games go her way and Trill gets no more than two Sweet 16 games right followed by no other correct picks. Not much to say here.

Trillian was insanely good at guessing random teams. She still has three Final Four teams left. She’s sitting pretty.

So, as a break down, if Washington goes to the Final Four and Memphis loses to Bradley, TD will pass Nul for third place. However, with the Bradley win, Trill can only get one other Sweet 16 game correct, and that HAS to be LSU beating Duke as that’s the only game left she and GSM have the same outcome for. So, in essence, I am rooting for Bradley, LSU, Texas, Wichita State, and Villanova. Then I’m rooting for the winner of UCLA/Gonzaga to beat Bradley.

Point totals!

TD: 190/640
Nul: 280/640
GSM: 290/640
Trill: 360/640

That is a great pick 984… also they are basically my home town team.

Update time!

Well, four games went down tonight. Duke went down to LSU (GEAUX TIGERS!). Memphis breezed past Bradley. Texas beat West Virginia at the buzzer. Gonzaga pissed away a 20 point halftime lead to lose by 2 to UCLA.

Well, not much to say about TD. His only team left, Washington, plays tomorrow against UConn, which I think they have a chance to win. However, should he get the maximum amount of points he can get out of Washington, 120, will still result in him ending up in last place. By 10 points.

Nul has no more games left. Her bracket’s done. 320 points.

GSM can get only two more games right, LSU beating Texas and Florida beating Georgetown. Come on SEC. That would be 120 points.

Trill can only get points if George Mason beats Wichita State (which GM did at Wichita this year) and BC beating Villanova then the winner of Florida/GTown. She can still get 160 points.

So, in summary, TD can end up with a score of 310, putting him in last place behind Nul’s for sure 320 points. GSM can get 450 points. Trillian can get 560. Now, an interesting side thing. If GSM and TD both get their maximum amount of points, putting their combined total at 760, and Trillian only gets one more Sweet 16 game correct (let’s say George Mason), then hers and Nul’s total would also be 760 points. That would result in a tie, which is not that farfetched. However, if GSM and TD get all their remaining points to reach 760 and Trill gets no more games correct, I will win 760 to 720. So, I am rooting for Wichita State, LSU, Washington, Florida, and Villanova.

Point totals:

TD: 190/800
Nul: 320/800
GSM: 330/800
Trill: 400/800

Update time!

Well, George Mason beat Wichita State. Florida went over Georgetown. 'Nova beat BC. UConn beat Washington.

TD’s only chance at any more points was Washington winning tonight then in the Elite Eight. They unfortunately lost. He sits in dead last. HORRID bracket.

Nul had no games. Third place, but still not that good.

GSM has one more game for points. She needs LSU to beat Texas.

Trill has no more points possible. She has a 70 point lead over GSM, but that can be erased with an LSU win.

So, after George Mason beat Wichita today, I was hoping for a push against Ack. This entire Sweet 16, almost every game fell into place perfectly. Unfortunately, Washington allowed a UConn three pointer to send the game into overtime which UConn won. Had they not allowed the three, I’d still be sitting in the game. So, Ack wins it outright. However, I can still get the individual winner should LSU win. On to the point totals.

TD: 190/960
Nul: 330/960
GSM: 370/960
Trill: 440/960


Update time!

Well, LSU beat Texas in a rather good game. UCLA beat Memphis in the worst display of college basketball I’ve ever seen outside of Stegman Colliseum. That was just a godawful game. LSU should beat the Bruins in the Final Four.

TD had no games.

Nul had no games.

Trillian had no games.

GSM had one game, LSU. She correctly predicted LSU going to the Final Four. By virtue of that fact, GSM overtakes Trill by 10 points to become the First Annual RPGClassics March Madness winner. Congratulations GSM!

Final point update -

TD: 190/1680
Nul: 330/1680
Trill: 440/1680
GSM: 450/1680

Bravo, bravo. *Clap, clap.

Update time!

Okay, so no updates on the RPGCers, obviously, but we had some good games today. First the second game. Florida beat Villanova in a rather good affair with Florida leading by ten most of the game. It was a rematch from last year’s second round actually.

Now the first game… Oh my lord was that game intense. The 11 seed George Mason versus the 1 seed and favorite to win it all UConn. George Mason was down early, and they never held the lead in the first half. They even ended the first half letting UConn shoot 4 for 4 from the three point line to be up 9.

Then the second half came… George Mason lit it up. They led by as much as five. The players on the bench had their arms locked, they were swaying back and forth. Everyone BELIEVED George Mason could win it in regulation and go on to their first and the Colonial Athletic Association’s Final Four ever! Then the fouling began and UConn tied it up with a buzzer beater. We’re in overtime.

Overtime was back and forth at first, but then George Mason made a run. They hit needed freethrows. They were up by 5… UConn hit a three. George Mason inbounds, UConn fouls, and George Mason misses both freethrows. UConn can win it with a three with 7 seconds left. UConn dribbles it down the court, they line up for a three… AND MISSED IT! Time expires with the ball bouncing wildly off the rim. The 11 seed George Mason, the team many experts thought didn’t deserve a tourny bid over Creighton, Cincinnatti, or even South Carolina has made it to the Final Four. Beautiful game.

For the first time since the field expanded to 64(65) teams in 1985, there is a Final Four with not a single 1 seed. LSU is a 4, UCLA is a 2, Florida is a 3, and George Mason is an 11. If George Mason wins it all, and I’m not counting them out at all (and neither should Florida), they will become the premiere underdog story ever.

However, there’s another potential story. If LSU and Florida both win (which I think they’re favored to do), we’ll see the first ever all-SEC NCAA tournament final. The last all-conference tourny final we’ve seen would be 1988 when the Big Eight had an all-conference championship with Kansas beating Oklahoma State. So, I’m hoping either for a George Mason miracle run (surpassing even Villanova’s 8-seed winning it all in 1985) or an all-SEC final.

Update time!

Well, George Mason’s Cinderella story is over, unfortunately. I wish it could’ve translated into a national title, but alas, it was not to be. UCLA beat LSU in a shitty game (almost as bad as UCLA/Memphis). So, the championship game is UCLA/Florida. I am not rooting for Florida, but I want UCLA to lose. I will root for the SEC to come home with another basketball title, and that’s it. Fuck Florida.

Also, in NIT news, South Carolina’s Gamecocks won the NIT. I hope Florida wins just so the SEC has both national champions. I’m also hoping LSU wins the women’s NCAA tourny so the SEC walks away with a clean sweep of the basketball titles. The LSU scenario is the least likely though.

Ackbar and I each asked two chatters (two American females and two Europeans) to pick the games without any outside knowledge, including seeding. I have TD and GSM. Ack has Trillian and Nulani.
Hold on. You picked two European and two American females? TD is a girl?
Man, I never go in chat room and I am missing all the fun.

If we do NFL playoffs pool next year, would be nice if you could “recruit” some ladies :wink:
Meanwhile, I thought that you might enjoy reading something of the genre:

No. TD is not a girl. He and Nul were picked for being Europeans (hence the S on Europeans).

Update time!

Florida won the tourny, manhandling UCLA rather well. I’m not totally surprised. Florida had been dominant in pretty much every tourny game, and UCLA hasn’t looked all that good. UCLA’s best game was against LSU, but they still struggled offensively, scoring only 9 points in the final 15 mintues or something absurd like that. I’m not glad Florida won, but I’m glad UCLA lost. I guess, in the end, I had to root for SEC over the PAC-10.

I half-watched the game last night because my roommate had it on. I was playing PSP the whole time.

What a boring game. I’m not usually a fan of college basketball anyway, but damn. It was a yawn fest.

And according to my roommate, it was horribly officiated. UCLA wasn’t getting any calls.