RPGClassics is worth $27,166...

Says http://websiteshadow.com/rpgclassics.com

I guess this proves the validity of that website.

Yeah, and the FFC is worth $13,000 and apparently makes $11,000 a year in ads. Riiiiight.

One of my youtube videos made $100 this year with adsense - 130,000 views.

I would literally sell myself for like…a couple hundred bucks.

You are a good American.

The fact that anyone can become a member and edit not just that page but any page on the website does indeed question the reliability of the information!

It’s just another Wikipedia! lol

the lowest value they seem to have even for completely unknown no-name pages and personal blogs is
Website Worth:

$ 47 (€ 32)
Yearly Ads Revenue:

$ 40 (€ 27)
Monthly Ads Revenue:

$ 3 (€ 2)
Daily Ads Revenue:

$ 0.11 (€ 0.07)

so uh… yeah.

I guess the point is that people waste a lot of damn money on internet ads.

some asshole is keepin all my MONEY