Now I finally get to use this.

If you’re bored, go outside and play. In the sunshine and fresh air.

Lol! The Rancho Park Golf Club, hahahaha, man, that’s awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

We should copyright RPGC and then try suing the financial group, if they haven’t already done it.


If we had a golf course, it’d be like Caddyshack.

Alright people raise your hand,how many of you are consoulted for payments or actually like to play golf? Come on raise your hands don’t be shy.

Eh go play with your sack, would you?
Except caddyshack sucked :\

For some reason I don’t think that you would be able to copyright an abbreviation.

Yes you can, look what the world wildlife federation did to the WWF, they sued and so the WWF (wrestling group) became the WWE

[strike]Free post![/strike]

Yes GSM, it did. Majorly. >.>;


(it’s a website of a company dedicated to making hydro meters and the like)

those are all front companies.

Is that why we’re still in the red, Merl?

We’re beyond red into <i>infrared</i>.

Merl runs RPGC like the Chinese generals run the People’s Liberation Army.

raises hand

we can cook the books many ways.