RPGC Wii Number Thread

Because I don’t get why this hasn’t been done yet.

Mine: 0672 8932 1089 8162

Where do we find said codes?

It’s somewhere in the address book. You go in the mail button at the bottom right of the main menu, then push compose on the left, and from there I forget.

2951 0819 7476 3480

4118 7665 4470 7506

6618 9674 0255 2983

1350 1268 7535 2973

If you get any my Mii, don’t be surprise to see Tor Johnson from “Beast of Yukka Flats and Plan 9 from Outerspace” :smiley:

7153 3720 9732 6941

AAAARGH What’s with all these fucking Wii updates without asking for authorization?!

There’s something very screwy going on in my Wii.

Namely, “Happy Sin” walking in the Mii Parade. XD


The Mii parades are awesome but I don’t have enough people walking in mine :frowning: (5).

I added everyone in this thread in my Wii Friend list. I have Elebits now if want to trade maps.

Is it me or is there a delay between the time someone adds you to their address book and the time when your Wii tells you they added you to their address book?

DAMN YOU HAPPY SINISTRAL! You’re a miracle catcher in Baseball. No matter how I strike the damn ball, you always catch it like it was a slice of apple pie, and then eat it.

And TD, your deal is off. You can’t even catch the slightly bouncing ball. You’re fired.

(Yeah, your Mii people are divided to the teams in baseball…)

Base Wii Code:2144-0443-6590-5658
Smash Brawl: 0903-2425-5290

Included (in mingle) are Hergé’s bunch Miified. Tintin, Haddock, and Tournesol (Calculus for ye english bunch). They are pretty well made.

Venus Lighthouse Stage availaible for Smash Brawl.

8418 5295 7429 2020

No decent Miis yet, but whatever. If you get any that you don’t recognize and are made by “Ralph,” they’re probably mine.

5528 3234 3939 8493

Now if only I had time to play my Wii… -_-

<a href=“http://www.wiitag.org/add.php?MrSaturn”><img src=“http://www.wiitag.org/MrSaturn-FrEe.jpg” border=“0” /></a>

I got a Wii and a Nintendo wifi dongle for my birthday. So, huzzah.

6900 0283 1760 8728

Brawl: 2234-6820-0866

'sup guys. I finnaly got a Wii and mein code is:

2816 5172 9398 1306

Just remember that you won’t show in other peoples’ lists unless you’ve added them to yours… nod

1664 1390 8145 7332