RPGC turning red?

Maybe I can get a lead on someone who could design one with my avatar on it.

edit: I modified an American flag with paint to create my avatar. And drawing the hammer and sickle with the mouse was a pain in the ass. And I used a laptop touchpad mouse.

OMG!!!11!1!1 IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!!1 :hyperven:


And speaking of Soviet Super Heroes, check this out:

And for information, here:

Looks interesting, might be worth checking out…

If you mix communism and capitalism and add lotsa soya sauce (maybe some eggrolls) it might work:

Some savvy business observers claim that the 21st century will belong to China just as the 19th century belonged to the British Empire and the 20th century belonged to the United States.

China’s economy, already the world’s second largest, will be the world’s largest by year 2020.


Marx, Lenin and Mao must be partying real hard up there in commies heaven:

“Dumping can seriously injure or destroy an entire industry,” Five Rivers President Tom Hopson said. “U.S. workers lose jobs when employers are forced to compete with unfair imports, which pressure U.S. manufacturers to lower prices in what is typically a futile attempt to maintain market share.”


Forgot about that one. Thanks G-M. That Ukranian biker chick is a goddess. Helena?

I think the Red Superman thing is more awesome. :3

For a communist country, failiure is irrelevant. :stuck_out_tongue:

I HAVE to get a copy of Red Son.

You also forgot this one:

Canada Sucks!


the ironic thing is that I’m writing my undergraduate honors thesis on early Soviet Russia.

Did you ever get my little red book?

So, i was right on the money by starting this thread. LOL I have impeccable timing, dont I?

I wasnt sure about that thread. But, now i am thinking: why is the maple leaf on the Canadian flag RED? It could have been yellow, or orange or brown.

YES I HAVE AND IT IS ALSO TOTALLY AWESOME!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

Red as in republican? Most definitely.

No, I think in this case we mean red as in false enlightenment of a new opressive upper-class that lies to the proles and tells them that the new age of happiness is at hand. Oh wait, that is sort of like G.W. isnt it? Damn… Lanyx is on to something there.

Neo-conservative = Stalinist

Hey Merlin, could you post your text on early soviet russia when you’re done? I’m interested in reading it.

So am I.

well, right now (as in, as we speak) I’m trying to write a chapter of the thesis to be turned in tomorrowish. It’s actually chapter IV of the whole thing. If you guys actually want to read a 15-20 document about Nikolai Bukharin though then I won’t stand in your way provided I ever write it :stuck_out_tongue:

I am as well, Merlin.

My personal polotical philosophies aren’t quite communism. Communism, even as Marx himself planned it, relies to some degree on Government, which relies on leaders. This, in my mind, is a clear sign that it will fail. However, the ideals of equality and the crushing of the class system do appeal to me.
I, personally, am an ‘Anarchist’ on the political compass. I hate leaders and laws, and believe they only hold society back greater things. I also hate the capitalist idea of consumerism, throttling people into buying things they don’t need just because they can and because it looks like something that a famous person uses. I don’t give a shit if Tom Cruise uses some product, if it sucks, I’m not going to buy it. I describe myself as a semi-communo-Anarchist. First, I am an Anarchist, but I also believe to some degree, as I said above, in communism.
Also, for whoever said something about communisms ‘track record’ a while back, there have also been a number of good communist societies. Most people simply do not hear about them, and (thanks to America’s love of giving money to militarists and oligarchists) don’t last too long. South America has had several such nations.