RPGC turning red?

After Bush got reelected, an interesting phenomena is developing on RPGC- a recurrence of a left wing propaganda threads.
Somebody, please contact the authorities. The commies are taking over!


Is Mario a Communist?

THIS is why the soviets make such great villains…

Who wants a Karl Marx plushie?

Crap Vodka + Brita Filter = Better Vodka!= (Soviet Vodka?)

Why do I constantly see parallels between Sin and Stalin?

The result was the “cult of personality,” the deliberate fixation of individual dedication and loyalty on the all-powerful leader
Stalin and the Cult of Personality

Someone needs to make a new picture then.

Stalin and Hitler were enemies, there is no way you can compare Sin to Stalin! :-o

Yes but Stalin and Hitler did have similar backgrounds. At one time they actually wanted to become priests.


I sure the hell hope so.

I think my friend used to be a communist. I mean he had the badges and everything, so that just means he had to be a communist.

And going by the same logic, we all must be communists because we are all talking about it. Including me, and I vowed to always to be a capitalist. Damn.

I’ll have to start a board rebelion soon

May be our anthem should be “Back in the USSR” by the Beatles.

Big Nutter
We should Nick Ran From BnG…

Are you aware of the current track record of communist countries? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know. I can’t get records from them…

Herr mein Sin!

Yes but Communism hasn’t been tried properly in most countries either.

Viva la revolucion!

You rebellion will be quelled most violently :P.

tries to picture an RPGC version of C&C Generals: Zero Hour Hehehehehe!

shakes iron fist in the air

To take things literally, how many people have carnage red as their background or style for the forums?

Me no way i pledge allegiance to the 984 and honk in his honor.

May be RPGC should be called SRPGC (S for Soviet).

The theme of all the RPGs ( and many other types of video games) is the fight between good and evil. Revolution?
Well, think of it this way - good as Cloud (Lenin) and Avalanche (Bolsheviks) vs bad Shinra corp. (capitalist system) and Sephiroth (czar).
From now on, I will start hearing Soviet anthem instead of a victory fanfare every time I play a FF game.
Edit: Kamikaze, play the anthem comrade. Full blast!

We will liberate Taiwan. No one can stop us.