RPGC superlatives

After seeing some of the Penny Arcade references TD’s been mentioning lately, and after all of yesterday’s posts from people who are thankful for RPGC, I thought it would be a neat idea to do some RPGC user awards, PA-style. So, here are a few to get started:

Most Personality: Yar Kramer

Cutest Avatars: Dragonessa, Kairi

Most Pleasant Boobies: Cala

I could probably think of dozens more, but this is just to get the topic started. Please don’t use this topic to single out people that piss you off - I resisted the urge as well.

I’ve never even heard of Kairi until you made this topic.

Yeah but then everyone would feel the urge to have a little title and then some people would get jealous, and others would start mucking around with it.

Bad. Idea.

We decided it was best to never do any thing like this because of well… the nature of the people here. It just wouldn’t turn out well.

Originally posted by Sohee
I’ve never even heard of Kairi until you made this topic.

She likes to offer goodies to people in welcome threads.

Yeah… this only serves to make people jealous of and angry at other people… let’s leave it lie.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> <i>Simply Awesome:</i> TD

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I, too, think that this isn’t the best idea…but even so, Val would probobly get SEVERAL.

Well, I you have to admit that Yar does have the “most personality” …

Yes … although I might be the primary reason …

Pfft. He’s just getting it because of all of us.


And Yar himself isn’t actually showing up in this post!



I feel the need to point this out.

Rocks: ClothHat

Awesomest Person: Mazrim Taim

Sexiest: Mazrim Taim

Smartest: Mazrim Taim

Most Modest: Mazrim Taim

Best Dressed: Mazrim Taim

Perfect Amount of Posts: Mazrim Taim

Best Topics: Mazrim Taim

Best Replies: Mazrim Taim

Most Productive: Mazrim Taim

Most Artistic: Mazrim Taim

Wild Card: Mazrim Taim

Best In-Post Graphics: Mazrim Taim

Best Storyline: Mazrim Taim

Best Zen Master: Mazrim Taim

Best Politician: Mazrim Taim

Best Athlete: Mazrim Taim

Best Programmer: Mazrim Taim

Funniest: Mazrim Taim

Most Personality: Mazrim Taim

Best Avatar: Mazrim Taim

Most Informative: Mazrim Taim

Best at Video Games: Mazrim Taim

Best in Show: Mazrim Taim

Most Unobtrusive: Mazrim Taim

Most Active: Mazrim Taim

Most Efficient: Mazrim Taim

Biggest Family Tree: Mazrim Taim

Biggest Collection of Video Games: Mazrim Taim

Most Prolific Writer: Mazrim Taim

Hardest Life: Mazrim Taim

Highest Score on Video Game x (let x equal, any video game ever created): Mazrim Taim

Biggest Penis: Mazrim Taim

Most Compassionate: Mazrim Taim

Most Mysterious: Mazrim Taim

Best Singer: Mazrim Taim

Best Dancer: Mazrim Taim

Fastest Runner: Mazrim Taim

Highest Jumper: Mazrim Taim

Best Cook: Mazrim Taim

Most Illuminating: Mazrim Taim

Best Musician: Mazrim Taim

Most Cosmopolitan: Mazrim Taim

Most Hardcore: Mazrim Taim

Best Halloween Costume: Mazrim Taim

Cutest Smile: Mazrim Taim

Most Important: Mazrim Taim

Most Useful: Mazrim Taim

Most Interesting: Mazrim Taim

Best Roleplayer: Mazrim Taim

Qrrbrbibl Award: Mazrim Taim

Best Deaths: Mazrim Taim

Best Personification of Perfection: Mazrim Taim

The Winner: Mazrim Taim

et cetera.

et cetera.

et cetera.

-Mazrim Taim

Yeah, we don’t have enough fighting as it is, we need to have some extremely biased and stupid “superlatives” to reinforce it.


Worst. Idea. EVER!!!

Originally posted by ahkeeyuu

Worst. Idea. EVER!!! [/b]

What about Babel?

I’m with Sohee in there.

Clothhat rocks, just for the sake of rockin’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Death: Me.

Biggest Waste of forum space/oxygen: Ivan

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
What about Babel?


Second. Worst. Idea. EVER!!!