RPGC: Shrines Vs Persephone

Hi Guys,

First of all I would like to make it clear that I’m in no way criticizing the methods/processes of the RPGC staff in this thread. I have nothing but respect for everyone that has made this site what it is! :cool:

I have used RPGC for a fair few years now and I have always admired the shrines. Getting information on games through a text document is one thing, but viewing a shrine and seeing the detail and effort people put into these is a thing of it’s own. So to get to the point, I have noticed that RPGC has placed very little emphasis on shrining in recent times and has in turn encouraged the use of “Wiki” (Persephone). I for one stand by the shrines and always will.

Using wiki’s in place of shrines where anyone can make a contribution (despite how) destroys the prestigious nature of shrining. Also the validity of the information would be put to question… hence people may become reluctant to use the shrines (by that, I’m referring to the Persephone) to get there information. Look at Wikipedia, everyone knows the information there is questionable (I’m not saying it’s wrong… just questionable.) Where as If you have a single person who as legitimately played a particular game create a normal shrine and then have it reviewed by the senior members and RPG fanatics… (which many of you should be) then it can be seen as decent information that has undergone a thorough process.

Bottom line… Shrines should live on and as for the Persephone… I’m not saying get rid of it… just don’t replace shrines with it. Let people create shrines and let us make our contribution to this great site for time to come.

NB: I know we can still make shrines at the moment… but the point of this thread is to make sure shrines never phase out.

Also I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nulani for the time and effort she has put in to the new shrines. Cheers!!! :cool:

So whats your opinion on this matter?
Please discuss.

I think the point of persephone is to take the weight of shrining an entire game and spread it around. I’m sure we are still allowed to make shrines, but the use of persephone is pushed because it makes it easier for other people to contribute if you decide you don’t want to finish or whatever.

Yeah, you do make a very good point… I never thought of it that way, but still… In terms of the “process” there is soooo much more satisfaction in completing a shrine (or so I believe, since I never created one before.) I just believe this site made it’s reputation with shrining and it what makes it unique. In terms of completing unfinished shrines, they can always be passed on or delegated amongst a few who want to pitch in!

It’s like the difference between writing a story by yourself or doing it as part of a group (during a tabletop RPG, for example.) Both are fun in their own ways.

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