RPGC High - The Story

=RPGC High, Chapter #1=
“T’was a cute day at the Hansville University when I finally came down and STRUCK him down with my strongest smiting blow I could find!! Too bad my gameboy ran out of juice when that happened. UGH!! Anyways, I can easily fix up materials and innovative working schedules for the project, so, here you’d have me, an art teacher, ready to teach some stuff about diagonals and rasters!”, said the man in front of the committee.
Several members of the committee started whispering about and the man in front of them smiled nervously. He had been looking for a job corresponding his education, and finally, here was his chance.

Apparently, this new experiement at teaching high school subjects in new, unique manner for a select group of youths picked up across the globe. What made this experiement extraordinarily unique, was that no matter what level of studies one had attained earlier, the system would compensate one’s abilities, as everyone would eventually attend the same courses. All of this was done in a single facility which not only hosted the teaching space, but a dormitories, gym halls, libraries, computer halls, swimming pools, sauna, etc…

“So, Mr… Christian Max, our body of analysts has single-mindedly decided, that you are most accepted to our experiementation!”, the supposed chairman announced, shifting his glasses. “Your work will begin next Monday in the Zi… Premium Universal Digital Talent Academy of Reason Transfer. Also referred to as the PUDTART High. I made that one up myself, you know, snickers are heard from the analysts’ rows

“Uhh… Where is this P-, P-, Poodletartar-place, might I ask?”, Christian asked, shaking his head in confusion.

Another analyst, a strict-looking female raised a briefcase on the committee’s table and opened it up with a strong CLICK
“Here’s your tactical… gear. One planeticket to Mayville, Canada, one key to your dormitory, and of course, a full staff list including and not limited to teachers and students, and other staff. Also, there are various rules of conduct you are expected to follow, and of course, a course-planning aid for whatever class-work you plan. You’ll have to pick up a special bus from the airport. As for possessions, it’s recommended that you pick up warm, but comfortable clothing suitable to wear in class, and any . It’s quite much the same there as it is over here in Finland, when weather is in question, so don’t be stingy when it comes to the temperature. Do we make ourselves clear, Mr. Max?”

“Whatever you expect of me… I mean, sirs yes SIRS!”, Christian shouted and grabbed the briefcase and ran out of the room- He’d have the weekend to pack up… but before anything else, it was the time of his life to go have a drink or seven in celebration for the acquisition of his new job!

“…He’ll be easily manipulated to fulfill the duties we assigned him.”, said one in the body of analysts as the dust settled down from the young man’s hasty leave.
“But will he be able to manipulate the subjects?”, another asked.
“Mr. Stradivari will take care of that, there’s nothing to worry.”, a third figure assured to the other two.
“Very well, we’ll leave the management to him. We’ll handle this week’s world business now. Get Mr. Gates on the line, on the double!”

Somewhere in P-Tart
“Look, Erik, if she catches us rigging this up, she’ll shoot us or worse!”
“Relax, GG. Witch or bitch, this’ll surely loosen her up a bit!”, said Erik, as he was wiring up another one of his magnificently miniscule contraptions under the carpet.
“C’mon, just hur… uh-oh…”, GG stopped as he heard a key turning in the lock on the door to the room.
“Hide!”, houted Erik as both scampered around the dark room like little children.

The room lit up and Ms. Allison Rogers stepped inside, tooks her shoes off and sat down on the couch in her dorm and put her hands on her temples. “Damn you, Esker! Damn you! It hasn’t even been a week…!” She looked at the ceiling and then decided that it was time for another surprise quiz for everyone. “Good thing that Martinez annoys me only once per week in my class…”

“Talk about cruel and frigid!”, GG whispered loudly into Erik’s ear as they both tried to manage themselves in the room that held Allison’s clothing and other possessions.
“Talk about this smell here!”, Erik commented. GG hadn’t noticed it earlier, but then recognized the smell and something happened to catch his eye. “Erik. There’s a bullwhip here. And something else I won’t say loudly without making us both faint.”

Suddenly, a ding-dong was heard all across the school facility. The speakers then blasted out loud swearing and complaints about the PA systems being too loud for someone’s mother.

(“Sinistral!”) thought all three persons in the room simultaneously.

“Okay, listen up everyone. I want all of you in the auditorium on the double. We’ve got the last crew member comin’ in, so I want ya all to come, and make him feel himself welcome. NOW MOVE IT, MAGGOTS~IEEEEEEEEAAAAAARRRGGGHHH!”, went the speakers and again, the system gave out screeches that were mostly reminiscent of someone drawing her nails on a blackboard.

“Great. Of course these damn dorms are located on the other side of this ¤&”#/ academy for “#%”#'s…", swore the female teacher and left the room in haste.

“Whew. I think we’re safe for now…”, Erik commented. GGpushed him out of the wardrobe and recommended they’d leave hastily aswell. Being late after Sinistral’s orders wouldn’t exactly mean happy and joy-filled times for the latecomers…

“Wait, what about the tr…WHOA!” went GG, as he stepped on the wrong spot on the carpet. Erik didn’t have enough time to react, as GG’s hand caught his, and he went “Whoa!” as well!

“Great. Now we’re both glued on this carpet. Only 15 years before the thing dissolves.”, commented Erik.

“Oops, looks like I’m late”, said the clad-in-black-female as she showed up. “Nice suit, Tricia”, Jamie commented from the front row seats. “But you know, it’d look bett…”, he suddenly stopped, as the goth-chick turned on the GoD-mode. Tricia McMillan may have not physically harmed anyone (Yet), but with that look on her face, you’d know Jamie Obeso wouldn’t exist long in this world if he had finished that sentence.

Valerie Esker couldn’t help laughing at Jamie’s innocent comment, and played along with his little ploy. “You know, I think that suit’d look great too, especially on the floor of my room, Tricia!” Half of the room turned at Valerie after her comment. “What? I’d think that kind of pattern would fit a carpet REALLY WELL!”, Jamie played along.

“Behave already! Mr. Stradivari is coming!”, Mr. Bowder snapped, and poured another cup of coffee and grinned as he put his flush on the table. Martinez laughed and slammed his royal flush on the table. “That’s two drinks you owe me, Ben! This is rather… excellent…”, Martinez laughed, and formed a tent with his fingers.

Robert signed the two to calm down as Mrs. Rogers stormed in. “Okay, where’s the new guy? Can’t one even have a bloody break in here without being called again from the other side of this whole bloody complex!?”, she started. (“Not so excellent anymore, eh Martinez?”), Robert whispered. Martinez smirked.

Allison sat down and noticed Mazrim and James Annon staring at her, just like they have the annoying way during class. (“Make that two extra question in the exam…”)

Again, noise was heard from the doorway to the auditorium. “We’re late already, so get over that flight-sickness and go in and introduce yourself, Mr. Max!”, went a voice.

“Ohhh… I think I’d see a barf-bag first, Merlin…”
“That’s Mr. Stradivari in front of everyone!”
“Sure, whatever Mr. Stratovarius…”
“Alright everyone! …wait… This isn’t even half of everyone! Where are they?”

Sinistral walked to Merlin. “I think they’re either sick or dead after that survival training triathlon–”

Merlin shuddered along with everyone else after the notion.

Mr. Max, green with something a wee bit stronger than envy, shuddered with something else, couldn’t take it anymore and gave his best at introducing the contents of his stomach…

To be continued

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