RPGC Densetsu

Maz just reminded me about a dream I had like 2 nights ago.

Anyway, I totally had a dream, and in it, RPGCD was released, for PS2! And it was the most popular game in the world somehow. It was trippy.

What does this mean!? :open_mouth:

Somebody find Hiei, quick!

Go find Hiei!

Hadies, Was Lunaris Planting land mines in the game? If so we had a simalar dream.

Big Nutter

No. No, he wasn’t.

I may (in real life) resmeble Mazrim Taim on online life but why where those girls following me and Kept calling me ‘Maz’ or ‘Mazrim’… etc. in that dream of mine.

Big Nutter
I made my sprite differnt becouse my oringal sprites look like Mazrim Taim

You need to get away from RPGC for awhile BN.

Cool dream Hades! I wish I would have some dreams like that.

thats strange, i was wondering about RPGC densetsu last night

Holy shit, girls don’t follow me and call me ANYTHING, much less “Maz” or “Mazrim.” Your dream was NOT telling you the truth of how things really are, sorry to say. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m flattered to be in your dream though, heh. Yikes.

I always dream about RPGC and some people here whom I’ve never spoken to before. It’s quite creepy. So to save embarrassment on their behalf and mine, that’s all I’ll say.

Wetdreams involving RPGC need not be shared.


I agree.

Yeah, I’ve had dreams about RPGC before, a few times, and they usually involve a gathering, planned for the future or imaginary, like one time I dreamed that RPGC rented out a really huge warehouse and filled it with gaming equipment and then everybody from RPGC came and we all had like, a massive video game party, it was cool. Everybody looked kind of like their avatars too, like, obviously not exactly but Merlin had slightly green hair and a Thomas coat, Zero had a red helmet and long flowing blonde hair, Sin was wearing the green bandana around his head like from his RPGCD sprite, etc.

I don’t remember any dreams I have.

You people <i>dream</i> about a website?


I once dream of that i was playing a Computer game, that i would like to have made, in the Japanize version. The stats screen, was just kana, and the hero’s Faces

Big Nutter
Some one didn’t do the Sky properly, too

I alwasy have dreams that i have to get up and prepare for school/work, then i realize that its 2 AM and im in the shower.

Hey, I totally had some dream last night, about the meet that’s coming up… I don’t remember any of it tho, except that people were being really slow to get there, and I hugged Kero when he arrived. Heh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, Nutter. You need to have a reality check, giving shout outs to online personalities on a Christian Radio station, thinking you look like a sprite and dreamign about them is very, very strange. Either check out for a bit, realize that you’re an idiot, entirely lacking in any forms of humor(except for a bad sense of humor) and can’t write stories or go see a shrink.

Seriously, you guys dream about people on a website? I mean, if you’ve met each other, thats a little different, but if you haven’t…

Then that’s weird.

And I must wonder, has Eva dreamed about me?