RPGC California meetup in 2004 (aka "RPGCali 2004") pictures! Where to upload?

So, a few years back, someone asked about the pictures from our final RPGCali meetup. I said that I had them, cos I was sure I did…and then I failed to find them anywhere.

Then, yesterday, my brother called me and said he had a CD which had all the pictures and random movies we took on that trip. Why he had the CD, I have no clue…but the bottom line is, I’ve got them all on my computer, now. All that’s left now is to figure out where I should upload them. Need some suggestions. I’ll be busy until later tonight, but I’ll get them somewhere ASAP if anyone’s still interested!

Is the picture of Kero licking Bubbles in it?!

I want to see these so I can periodically remember what I looked like and be embarrassed.

Also, just contact Nulani. Upload them to your staff folder here.

Do it already you fucking tease

I love how the site was necro’d for this. It’s like finding a time capsule within a time capsule.

nesting dolls of nostalgia.

i THINK i still have pictures somewhere, and it’s just a matter of finding the right drive and folder.

I thought you lost all the pictures at the NERD STORE

UPDATE: I do seem to have in fact lost them at the nerd store


Holy-friggin-hell. I was surprised to have remembered my password for this thing.

This is a lame first post, but OMG yes, I remembered my password after all these years.

Too bad the fanfiction site doesn’t operate anymore. :frowning:

It’s still around, but no one is maintaining or updating it.

Wow, Good to see this place is still around.
Life has been hell for allowing me time for much, but glad to see some are still around.

I drop by once in a while to see if anything is happening, or if this site has come back to life like some undead monstrosity. We can only hope!

Mostly undead, but there is a bit of life on Discord.

It’s almost sad, because we’ve been dormant like a sleeping dragon waiting to wake up and eat the village sheep, but some of our guides are still better than anything out there. Gamefaq’s HTML-linked FAQs are about as advanced as things got. The internet just kind of died when social media came around.

I have some complicated thoughts on this particular matter (especially on where Internet Energies have gone), but to keep it simple (stupid), even GameFAQ guides seem to have been supplanted by Let’s Plays and their ilk. Why even play a game when someone else can do it for you? Especially if other knowledgeable people get involved and share information that even the best guide makers would struggle to dredge up on their own.

There’s also specialized sites and Wikis if a particular game is giving me trouble. But for the most part, it does seem that RPGClassics remains the best source on some of the really old skool games for the NES and Master System stuff.

It also doesn’t help that I’ve fell out with Final Fantasy and Squeenix in general (still dragon my feet on getting Dragon Quest XI, even though its the safest goddamn buy from them in ages).