rpg maker xp

I know it probability sucks but i need to find something to do in my spare time. The only problem i’m having is finding out how to actually play the thing. It has a folder on a blank disc and the only things in the folder are installations. I’ve installed everything it said to but i can’t open the game. What do i do? This is going to drive me insane. ::dekar!::

play what thing/ which game? the demo you made, or what? o_O You just double-click the .exe- file, normally to start the rpg-maker. then you load a project (=game). that’s everything. :o It basically works pretty much like all the other rpg-makers, except it has some additional features.

Originally Posted by Dragon Tear
It basically works pretty much like all the other rpg-makers, except it has some additional features.

Plus you have to pay for it which sucks.

Google up "Game Maker’ and try the demo’s there.

You can do some pretty hip things with it, albeit it’s not quite cut-and-paste from RPGMaker. I used Game Maker all during Game Design I last spring, it’s… managable.

Or if you can find it, I lost the link years ago, there’s a Make-your-own-zelda-game program out there. Zelda Classic wossname or something other. Go fetch.

What should i open it with?:thinking:

…open WHAT with? o_O you install it. you click the exe file. it opens.
Killmore: Technically you have to pay for all the rpg-makers. :smiley:

No, i installed it, i have a free trial. what i need to do is open it. i have a file, but i need to open it with a program. what program do i use?

You know, it’s difficult to help you if you’re that vague. What’s the file called?

Just tell us what game it is and what file type you need to open and we can help.

Sorry, i didn’t know i was being vague, i’m new to this kinda thing. Anyway, it’s on my start menu and i can open it. The new problem is that when i open it, it says, “failed to obtain a trial serial number from the nTitles server.” What does that mean? What do i do now? If i’m being too vague again, i’m sorry! Tee-hee. ::doh::

Well, it kinda feels like we’re asking “What is your name?” and getting a response like “Well, I’m a person, and I live in a place!” but at least now you’re posting an error message.

Hmm. I believe the issue is that the English version of RMXP needs to contact Enterbrain’s server in order to validate the serial number … Do you have a firewall that might be blocking it?

Sorry again! I think I’d cause me more problems if I turned off the firewall. I’m sorry I even posted this thread in the first place. I must sound like a complete idiot to all of you! I’m giving up, it’s not worth the trouble. Sorry for bothering you all with this, please forgive me! I think I’ll stick to playing rpgs, not making them. I’m too stupid for these things!::doh::

Well, most firewalls usually have some sort of “Allow this program access” message …