Rpg Dilemma

I want to play a pen-and-paper(ish) RPG,I couldn’t find one I wanted on google so I came here.I am looking for a futuristic RPG,but ill consider all input.I already play D&D and WoW.So any one have any RPG’s I would like?

GURPS has a cyberpunk setting. There’s D20 Modern.

If you’re cheap, you can always just take the Open Gaming License version of the D20 system and adapt it to a futuristic setting of your design.

Shadowrun! Think Cyberpunk with magic.

Shit, I cannot believe I forgot Shadowrun. Thanks for the save.

Fudge can be twisted to no end for a more free form approach. If you like a lot of crunch, or have a calculator handy SPECIAL (the Fallout system) might be for you. Or it might not.

Can you give me a link to the official websites of Fudge and/or SPECIAL because I cant find on Google.

I can send you the old edition of Shadowrun, the one that does not suck, but also does not make Trolls into homely, walking gods. Which is sad, since it means no more Theoretical Trolls for me, but I can come close with enough cyberware. Anyway, if you get on the irc, I can send it to you, maybe. If Tiger’s FTP holds out. If not, someone on his server crashed it, and I need to delete their and others’ NWN account until it fixes itself. Then tell Tiger that I totally didn’t delete them. But it just might work.