Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire was actually a surprisingly good show (Atleast the first epsiode). I have only seen the first epsiode, which is all that is out so far, and it pretty decent and I suggest everyone try it out.

Since you brought this up I wish to direct your attention to the following link…

I believe the picture alone says it all, and the following rant puts a fine point on it too.

It can’t be as bad as Elfen Lied. That was just gore and fan service. Although, I did like the opening song.

Don’t forget the mild incest

Ooooh yeah… I forgot about that.

I noticed that there’s a “Recommend an Anime” thread. Maybe there should be a “Stay away from this Anime” thread.

The anime was tame compared to the manga; they left out diaper girl, among other things. Also, I disagree that Elfen Lied was bad, or that it was JUST gore and fansevice. Themes of acceptence, isolation, and trust were very important to the story, particularly Kouta and Yuka getting Mayu to have faith in people again and Lucy’s struggling to fit in anywhere.

This is what the producer said: "Good day. I am going to make a show that explores isolation and pejoration of individuals, and their subsequent backlash on society, and how a few kind-hearted individuals can make all the difference in the balance of a delicate sentient psyche.


I can appreciate the fact that some people may disagree with me, and like Elfen Lied. However, I’m pretty sure that if you’re looking for an Anime on alienation, you wouldn’t be hard pressed to find better ones to watch.

For instance, Monster. Or Death Note. Or Kaze no Yojimbo.

They deal with the subject in far more subtle ways.

Personally, apart from the fan service, I thought that the characters in Elfen Lied were always acting contrary to common sense, and the plot line was contrived.

or Air

Holy shit that anime is sad