Ronald McDonald or The King?

Well, I saw the Whopper vs. Big Mac thread and I couldn’t resist putting this one in ^^

They’re both a little frightening, but at least The King isn’t a pedophile.

I’d go with the clown as he is less likely to sneak into your pooly guarded home and offer you a messy glob of grease while you’re trying to sleep.

On the other hand the clown doesn’t make house calls. Plus the King knows where you live.::dekar!::


Ronald. He’s got street cred:

The King

Colonel Sanders could beat the crap out of both.

Yeah, but Sanders is just an eye-patch short of being a pirate.

He’s a Colonel. He’s got troops under his command.
But The King’s got a kingdom under his command.
Ronad’s got… this thing.
Hard to say who wins…

But mano a mano, yeah Sanders would beat them both.

You say that like it’s a bad thing.

Actually, the Colonel was in the Navy, and was only in it for a short stint. He isn’t really a Colonel.

What makes you think he’s really a Sanders?

Dave Thomas

All right, if we’re adding more contestants, I’d like to add Jack Box.

Gotta go with the king. Imagine a headbutt by him.

Ronald McDonald is like a 100 years old. I think he might be an immortal.

Behold the King, the Burger King.

Have some fries dog.
All hail.

Wake up with the, wake up with the king.
Wake up with the, wake up with the king.

The King grinned wide as he walked past the flames,
He marked all his slaves with a shirt with his name.
To kneel at his feet his subjects ran as fast as they could,
They tasted his ketchup and it tasted good.

The King had them fed.
With a cow that was dead.

Wake up with the, wake up with the King.
Wake up with the, wake up with the King.
Wake up with the, wake up with the King.

The King stormed McDonaldland, with its savory smells,
He took Ronald’s head and he sent him to hell.
Then he took their chickens and he had them deep fried.
With their last breath, with their screams as they died,

They hailed to the King,
The Burger King.

Wake up with the, wake up with the King.
Wake up with the, wake up with the King.
Wake up with the, wake up with the King.

Into the dirt, he’ll grind all their buns.
Your meat he will sear, there can be only one.

Wake up, wake up, wake up,
Wake up, wake up with the, wake up, wake up with the King.
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up.

The King is here,
Drink Joe not beer.
The Burger King.

All hail, all hail the King.
Have some fries, have some fries from the King.

The Burger King, there is only one.

The King is a fucking Highlander.

I had lunch with Mrs. Colonel Sanders, once. My Grandma lived just down the street from them. I have the lady Sanders’s recipe for Pecan Pie, actually.

Anyway, I’ve got to vote the King, because when you wake up with the King, you didn’t have it your way, you had it his way. Plus, I hear his omlette sandwich is meatnormus.

Dude, share that recipe. :smiley:

Oh my god! Ronald has a big purple love puppet in his rear! It all makes so much sense to me!

At anyrate, the king is just creepy, so I say Ronald.