Romancing SaGa Translation

So I picked up the version 4 translation at and patched it to the verison 1.1 r**

The character dialogs are all in this computer nonsense talk. But the battles are in english. So its all right, but it could be better.

I remember when that happened when I played Dragonquest 3

Dude, i kinda wish I could get the story and all but its not in america!

Whatever happens, I hopS Snes9X wont kill my save file, caue that happened before for some weird reason, lIke when it crashes or something

That’s not a great site for translation patches…try this place:

And, specifically for Romancing SaGa:

Thanks, but I already have those patches!

With SNES9x there’s no gaurantee that ANYTHING will NOT screw up.

I dont like ZSNES much

Wow it’s nice to see how well the RS1 translation is coming along. I’ve definitely got to go through Aisha’s quest again. She was the one I beat the game with so I must play through the game as her first once the game is out in English.

The version 4 patch screws up the noble’s quest. That v1 patch actually warps you to Hell Platau when you talk to the magic store. The patch makes playing romancing saga harder.

I actually know some Japanese so I played RS in japanese some times. Well, it makes more sense than untranslated computer encoding talk