Romancing SaGa (SNES Version)

How many people have played the SNES version? I’ve only completed Aisha’s quest to be honest by way of “visit area and hope something happens”. I’m surprised I managed to win despite the lack of translation. This was long before the remake was announced. By that I mean even the Wonderswan Color version. I never got around to the other seven quests for the reason of translation.

Part of me feels I should complete it for the sake of completionism. However I also am thinking “Why bother?” as well realizing I may be constantly griping about things I’m used to that were added for the remake not being in the original. Either way I think if the game ever got a decent translation patch, I may reconsider. Well at least messing around with the game anyway.

It’s always hard to go back to older games once you’ve played their remakes :frowning:

Actually I was also wondering about the differences between the original and the remake.

It would be rather nice if eventually someone made a differences FAQ, but I won’t hold my breath. Since no one has any obligation to make such an FAQ. Although honestly I’m not looking for an overly complex explanation of all the differences. Just basic things like “X was not playable until the remake”.

I think what would ultimately make it hard for me to play the original has to do with the party itself. As far as I can tell there are a lot more playable characters in the PS2 version. So knowing my luck I’d spend my time griping about the fact <insert character here> does not join in the original.