Romancing SaGa - Minstrel Song Trailer !!!!!

Sweet wheels of shit !!! O_O

Kenji Ito strikes again !!! (As if there was any doubt :P)

I take back something I said long ago… Ito actually IS better than Hamauzu any day of the week.

Nice. You even get to see Des and Saruin at the start of the trailer. Too bad they do not show Serah from what I can tell.

That would be really cool if I didn’t have totally sucky dial-up and a mediocre computer. But the fact that Kenji Ito’s doing the music again is the best news I’ve heard about the game (well the news I’ve heard isn’t a lot). This game just needs 1 more thing to be true RS: A kickass intro with foreboding music before the title screen.

Kenji Ito rocks