Romancing SaGa End Game Quests

I think I remember hearing somewhere that it’s possible to do all 3 of the Find Saruin quests (Ettinburg, Elore’s Trials, The Netherworld). What all has to be done to do these, and is there a specific order that they have to be done in to complete them all?

After the Minstrel talks about the return of Saruin and tells you a tale do this. Avoid finding out the location of Saruin. Instead try to meet the requirements for one of the other two end quests. Check back with the Minstrel and when he has a tale to tell. Well it’s time to try for the third quest using the same general idea.

Once all three quests are available, I believe the idea is you’re supposed to do “Trials of Elore” first then do the other two. In any case the hardest one to do is the Netherworld.

Since you can just buy cosmology spells from the Temple of Elore to raise your favor with Elore for “Trials of Elore” or buy spells from the temples of other Gods for the sake of the Neutral ending.

Netherworld can be the most annoying since you need to gain evil points and some characters start with nothing. If you don’t have at least 1 evil point doing stuff like pillar will be worthless. Hence why Killing a certain character may be a good idea or getting certain quests done for the sake of evil points.

Ah, alright. Wouldn’t it be easier to do Auburg first? If my understanding is correct, to trigger that you can’t have tons of favor with any of the gods really. I was figuring I’d do that, kill off Galahad for Netherworld, then buy tons of cosmology spells for favor with Elore. My main issue really is that I’m not 100% on how to get Auburg to unlock.

It’s as you said it’s your favor with the other Gods that allows you to get to Aldburg. This leads to the Tale of Giants. Then it’s just a matter of visiting Uso and talking to a kid there. A good way to raise your favor with other Gods is to do their vortexes or buy spells from their temples. Which I do during the course of the game anyway. I use magic a lot. Along with fighting.

Also the reason you want to do Trial of Elore first has nothing to do with how easy or hard it is. Although yes Trials of Elore is the most challenging. If you do any of the other “Find Saruin” quests first, you can not complete Trials of Elore.

In fact in my first quest as Aisha, I unlocked Trials of Elore and Aldburg. I did Trials of Elore first and I was able to do Aldburg. As Barbara I unlocked the same two quests. I did Aldburg first. I visited the Trials of Elore just for the heck of it and found I could not do the quest.

Alright, thanks again. If I can get this and Soulgutter down, I’ll have figured out most of the quest stuff. Despite the help I got on Gamefaqs, it seems that I’ve missed out on Soulgutter again on this playthrough. I honestly can’t figure out what I’ve been doing wrong.

Ah yes the Soul Gutter quest can be fun. Depending on how good you are doing something the battle can be rather short or rather long. Although defeating him give a nice feeling and the story involved in the quest is a bit interesting.

Yeah, I finally managed to be able to do it at ER19- I thought the story behind it was pretty interesting. Now I’ve started Claudia’s story for my next playthrough- going to try using a few Castle Knights and maybe sacrificing 4 or 5 of the fatestones to Saruin.

Also, I saw the video of the 10 DS Saurin. I know the Albert and Diana in the same party is a JP version only bug, but is it possible in the US version to have the Minstrel in your final party? I thought he’d leave no matter what once you needed one of the end game tales. How do you get him anyways? I’ve only been able to recruit him once- after that, he’s never been willing to join my party.

Learn the location of Saruin either from completing Netherworld or Aldburg. After that you can recruit the Minstrel again the same way you recruited him before. However if you do Trials of Elroe, you can’t recruit the Minstrel again for certain reasons.

However there is a bug in the Japanese version that allows you to recruit the Minstrel again even if you complete Trials of Elore. I’m quoting someone else here.

“After clearing Trials of Elore, start the Mummy quest, lead him to the catacomb, and then go back to the Pub in North Estamir to collect the rewards from him. The Minstrel should be there.”

It may have been removed in the U.S version though.

Hmm, when I play Albert, I’m planning on doing the Trials of Elore. I’ll try it and see if I can get him that way.