Romancing Saga 3

Yeah, I’m gonna have to argue with Kagon as well. I don’t believe there is any correlation between light and dark children. I think they’re just two children who survived the death eclipse and, united, have the power to free the destroyer.

The Destroyer probably noted in the past two instances of destined children that the Devil King was not enough to bring her over, and the Holy King simply defied her. So she left two of them alive and hoped the two would come together in friendship and when one went to the abyss (to restore balance), the other would naturally go as well to rescue them, thereby bringing both into the destroyer’s grasp.

Ajora’s theory is pretty agreeable. Though, I think I’ll stick with my theory of the world as existence and the abyss as non-existence. The death eclipse yielded the Devil King who brought death. The second eclipse yielded the Holy King who brought prosperity. The third eclipse yielded two children who would bring balance, except that through circumstance both ended up in the abyss. Their power was too much to hold in one place and in order to preserve the non-existence, the Destroyer was created. And the destroyer planned to preserve the abyss by destroying the world.
And the four noble devils were the leaders of the abyss. And like all leaders, they sought to expand their territory.

I always considered the destroyer along the same lines of the egg. Not an evil entity, but an antagonist because he/she/it goes against the desires of the protagonists.

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