Romancing saga 3 - Muse's dream

Hello every body , i’m new ^^ , this forum still alive ??
How can I out of the muse’s dream ???
I have just killed Sharl ( 0 LP ) and equiped him the Dream Gem . How can i do next to out of the dream ??? the secret said that : "

" Dream Gem

Like the Dream Gem in Muse’s Dream? I do too considering it gives 18 Magic Defense and protects against sleep. To keep the Gem, equip Sharl with it and have him killed (0 LP). He will disappear from your party. After exiting the dream, talk to him again, and he’ll join you. Now you can unequip the Dream Gem from him "

My team is so week ( 300HP under ) and my team can’t attack the boss , so i need the way to out of the muse’s dream
Thank you very much !

I never had a problem with Muse’s dream. It was everything after this that kept kicking my ass. I wish I could help you more than that, but you probably aren’t even around any more.