ROM questions (not requests!)

I downloaded Zelda: Four Swords ROM (I have the game, NO one can get mad)

I was wondering, if a friend downloaded it, is there anyway we could connect our computers (over the net or in person with some sort of cable) so we could play together? If anyone has ANY ideas on this, PLEASE let me know! Thanks!:cool:

Also, is it not allowed to ask for ROMs ANYWHERE on this site, or just in the one forum that says “No ROM requests!” on it?
An answer for this would be nice too. Thanks!

Discussion about emulation and roms is allowed, I think, but the actual request of either on the boards is not.

No ROM requests in any of these forums, period.

Now the chat, that is a different matter altogether.

We don’t want dorks to keep going “where can go for __”. Its irritating.

Most likely, your emulator is what matters, not the rom. Check out your emulator for some sort of netplay, most have them. Look through the read me file that came with it if you can’t find anything.

Got it. No ROM requests anywhere on the site.

(just a comment though, to Sin: what if there was a sticky on the main forum or something, then everyone would know where to look, and good sites could be posted? granted, if the site jsut doesn’t like ROMs, that’s ok, just suggesting)

Now, anyone have any response to my first question(s)?
(Or a response to my idea above about the sticky.)

Also, I’d like to note that ROMs are illegal.


It doesn’t matter if you own a copy of the game, or if you delete it within 24 hours yadda yadda yadda, its illegal.

Not that I give a flying fuck, I’m just not going to justify myself. =p

I think the fact that roms are illegal is a major argument for not posting links to them.

Try one of the GBA emulators. Some of them (not VBA, by the way) come with netplay options. generally though, Genesis, SNES, and other consoles/machines with a lot of fighting games bother to have net-code written or them.

That said, I’d alsi like to see a networkable GB/GBA emulator. I can see Advance Wars being a lot more fun.

I don’t think it’s illegal as a backup, or a 24 hour trial, Cyber. Is it illegal to borrow a game from a friend for 1 day? Back-up is useful for games like the first Zelda. (My copy keeps erasing itself from over-use and battery life-loss.)

CH, thanks for that idea.

Does anyone know any GBA Emulator with internet connection possiblities? (If this counts as a non-allowed request, ignore it, thanks!)

Still, anyone have any other ideas, in case? Or any cable ideas? Thanks!

(Or, is there a way to use multiple USB Gaming Controllers on one computer with one emulator and rom? The problem with this, I imagine, is opening multiple files from one rom.)

Borring a game from someone is completely different from ripping the code out of the game and distributing it on the internet for free. That is called stealing. Is it okay to steal a game from a store if you’re going to give it back? I think thats more along the lines of what this is.

Like I said, I don’t give a fuck- I still steal.

Roms are illegal period. That 24 hour period is something that the Rom sites made up so that you would come back every 24 hours to download it again, thus hitting their ads again.

Your comparison to borrowing your friend’s game is laughable. When you borrow your friend’s game, he temporarily doesn’t have it. That doesn’t happen when you download a rom. Also, the original game was payed for. That doesn’t even happen sometimes with roms. Also, thosuands of people per day will “borrow” it.

Just a note - we still all download roms. We just don’t try to justify it.


I agree with Cyber. I know how it is, and I still download games I don’t have for long periods of time.

However I think there are some amount of good debate in the 24 hour trial rule and the back-up idea.

“Laughable” is a stupid way of putting. Just dumb.

<img src=“”> There are no GBA Emulators with netplay capabilities, nor will there be for the forseeable future. This is because of how the GBA handles linking, it’s a real bitch to program that.

Then I must be thinking of something else. Durr me.

I wish they’d program a proper netplay option for something other than fighting games on other consoles. I can never get things like racers or Sonic to work on my Gens emu. All I can ever get networked is Street Fighter et al.

Tenchimaru Draconis,

I know to trust you, and you’re probably right, but since I want there to be a networking GBA emulator, I’m going to hope you’re wrong.

Anyone know of any GBA emulators that can connect via networking?
(Hoping against hope)


Does anyone know of any cable to connect computers for GBA emulation play?

Also: I realized the other method (two people; one screen) wouldn’t work. If you walk on way and they walk the other who gets the screen to go with them? It won’t work that way. But also if anyone has any other ideas, let me know! Thanks!

I second that, it is most certainly the emulator and not the rom that determines what you can and can’t do over the Internet.

I am given to understand that the zSNES emulator has some degree of capability in that direction, but I don’t know if the game you are talking about is for the SNES.

Oh and, about Nintendo, they don’t give a flying leap about whether you have the game or not. You downloaded a rom! THAT’S EVIL!!

So, if Nintendo figures out where you are, and takes up a strategy like that of the RIAA, you have a 1 in at least 2,000,000 chance of being sued.

But, if you fight it in court, I am sure we will discover lo and behold that getting a backup copy of a game you already own IS covered under fair usage.

Foolish Nintendo wishes to deny you your fair usage rights and then claim they’re not denying you any of your rights.

I know this, because I read the legalese in the back of a manual that came with a game boy game. Go figure.

First, as I’ve been saying all along, not SNES, but GBA

Secondly, I have no clue what you just said, and I’ve been keeping up with the time travel thread.

I think you agreed that back-up ROMs for games you have is ok. In that case, you agree that it’s ok for back-ups, and you were being sarcastic, in a very confusing way.

Anyway, I know ZSNES has netplay, since I have it, but like I said, I’m looking for GBA, not SNES emulators.

<img src=“”> I’m not wrong. Sorry, but there are no GBA emulators out there that support netplay. It’s a long story, but there are NONE. I probably know more about emulation than most people here (except for all the rom hackers <_<), and I am involved with it daily.

<b>There is no Netplay. There is only Singleplayer.</b>

And before anyone asks how zSNES can do it and not any GBA Emulators, think…

zSNES is an SNES emulator. The SNES has one console, one TV, and two controllers. One processor.

A GBA-GBA has Two GBAs and a link cable. Which means there are two controllers, but also two screens, and two processors. One in each GBA. In a GBA-GBA game, each GBA unit is independantly processing it’s own data, and sending everything that the other GBA may need over. When someone is playing on a zSNES netplay, the only thing that are sent over to the other computers are the button presses. Now, the same can be done with a GBA Emulator. However, you would essentially have to emulate two games on one computer, and then still have to figure out how to import the data from one to another.

<img src=“”> Yeah, that’s the problem.