Rogue: A stupid question

I’ve recently gotten back into Rogue, after finding a Java version on the internet (those of you who saw me on the chat today probably saw me post the link). Now I’ve got it on my computer, along with a lot of other Rouge-likes, but I have a question…

Anyone know how to restore a save file in Rogue: The Adventure Game v1.1?

If you don’t but you’re a fan of roguelikes, yay and kudos to you!

If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, try <a href=“”>this</a>.

I’m assuming that this game uses a Command Line Interface.

If it’s a java game, you can’t. If it’s actually an executable, you can probably just type “save”.

Saving is no problem, but R:TAG is character-buffered instead of line buffered (a command line). You can’t type in long-winded commands, like an interactive fiction game. The Java games, of course, cannot be saved.