Rocky is a metaphor for Jesus

And Rambo will free Christian Missionaries.,,1962710,00.html

What the fuck

I’m sure Jesus would have beat some ass in the ring.

As if my apprehension of the sixth one didn’t need any more reasons. I like the Rocky movies (especially the first one), but they have gotten worse with each iteration. Now with this Christian slant I want to just give up on it.

Also, of course Jesus would own the ring, he’s got God in his corner.

People always say they get worse as the series go on, however I find the first Rocky movie to be the one I watch the least. Mainly due to its length and pace. The one where he goes to Russia, the fourth one, is my favorite.

And I just saw the first and third Rambo movies… and I was impressed. They weren’t all that bad.

Jesus has already been on the ring, and he did score lots. Don’t you guys watch South Park?

gets Kyon’s “total logic failure” expression from Suzumiya Haruhi – you know, the narrowed eyes and mouth hanging open and slight slouch and general air of “I am completely confused, but I just know that actually trying to figure it out, or worse succeed, will only hurt more”

Interestingly enough, now Ivan Drago clones are ruling the heavyweight boxing division. On Nov 4 Shannon Biggs broke the hegemony of boxers born in the USSR by beating Sergei Liakhhovich, and winning the WBO title.
One down, three more to go: WBA Nikolai Valuev (7 ft, 320 lb), WBC Oleg Maskaev, and IBF Dr.Wladimir Klitschko.
Da. Take zat Rocky.

We haven’t been watching the same movie :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh great. Ivan Drago clones. That means they all shoot themselves up with steroids too.

Anyway, Rocky DOES turn the other cheek. It just so happens to turn because of a hook.

The sheer volume of, if you’ll excuse the expression, “hollywood americanism” present in the fourth movie kinda puts me off. It’s a great movie, but it’s just too damn politically cliché. Also, if I remember correctly, they never play “Gonna Fly Now”, which is just wrong.

My favourite would be the third, followed by the second. The difference being obviously Eye of the Tiger.

That’s stupid. Rocky can’t be a metaphor for himself.

Our Rocky, who arth in heaven.
Hallowed be thy fist, thy championship come,
Thy boxing be done in the ring, as it is in training.
Give us this day, our daily film
And forgive us our wimpiness,
As we forgive those, who wimp out against us.
Lead us not, into obsoletion,
But deliver us from communism

im on lollerskates