Rockman Zero 2. Need help with Cyber-Elf.

The pesky little guy I’m trying to catch is called Hafmarmn and he’s on the Forest of Lotus scene (During the chaze for Elpizo, it’s the only scene that doesn’t have one of the guardians). I searched in Gamefaqs and got that before you enter the “building” part:

“you’ll reach a giant chasm. Time your leap so you successfully grapple across with the Chain Rod, then climb up the wall, and make a mighty dash jump off to the left to catch a hovering platform. From here, dash jump from each platform to the next, stopping at the fourth one. This next move takes some precision timing; dash jump and midway through, extend your Chain Rod at a diagonal angle. If you do it right, you’ll be able to hit the capsule instead of the ledge, and you’ll land on a tree below. Simply wait for the Cyber-Elf [Hafmarmn] that was just freed to float on down to you.”

I know the chasm and I know how to cross it, but there’s no fucking way to get on top of the first platform with just a dash jump, and you can’t climb it either. Does anyone know how to get the Cyber Elf?

EDIT: Forget it, I managed to do the almost-impossible jump.