Rockman Battle Network 2

There HAS to be an easier way to go between the Squares. I got a GateKeyB from a Virus Navi in Yumland (The reward of the “Pay in advance” job). But I can’t find the one for Koto square.

Also, I heard that once you get the Chng.bat you can get something called Hub Mode if you beat the three V3 Ghost Navis, the problem is that I have no idea who those are.

It also says something about the Real Bass appearing somewhere in the old WWW area and being optional or something, I don’t care if he has 2000 HP and deals 500 damage per hit, I HAVE TO FIGHT HIM DAMNIT!

I think GatekeyD is the one for Koto square and it will be a long time before you get it, if you just got change.bat so just stick to walking.

As for hub style, you don’t been to beat 3 of the v.3 ghost navis, you need to beat them ALL of the V.3 navis except for Bass.

Here’s a list I found that tells you all the areas for them, but you still probably have to look around to find them as they don’t always appear in battles in the entire area.


  • GutsManV3 (with Dex)
  • ProtoManV3 (with Chaud)
  • AirManV3 (Den Area 1)
  • QuickManV3 (Koto Area)
  • CutManV3 (Yumland Area 2)
  • ShadowManV3 (Undernet Area 5)
  • KnightManV3 (Netopia Area 1)
  • MagnetManV3 (Undernet Area 2)
  • FreezeManV3 (Undernet Area 7)
  • HeatManV3 (with Mr. Match)
  • ToadManV3 (with Ribbitta)
  • ThunderManV3 (with Raoul)
  • SnakeManV3 (with Mrs. Millions)
  • GateManV3 (with Mr. Famous)
  • PharaohManV3 (WWW Area 1)
  • NapalmManV3 (WWW Area 2)
  • PlanetManV3 (WWW Area 3)

It’s a bit weird that I get the key for Yumland sooner than the one for Koto. Oh well.

I see… I think I already got Guts Man and Quick Man and the V2 of most of the others.

Oh, 1 more thing, don’t delete hub style unless you really don’t like it.

You can’t get it again without a gameshark I think.

Why would you even want to delete Hub? It’s all the styles combined except it doesn’t have an elemental attribute. The lvl 3 flamethrower and lvl 3 bubbler are probably the only reasons you’d want a normal style over Hub, but even then, it’s Hub. You just don’t give up Hub.

Well your hp halved is the main reason why you would not want hub.

It was just a warning to not delete hub unless you really don’t want it as you can never get it back.

I’m not planing on deleting Hub, especially since it’s so damn hard to get.

But, seriously, “Hub”? What the hell was Hikari thinking?

Well the japanese name is Saito if that’s any better.

Way better.