Robots (the movie).

I just saw the trailer and it looks cool. I think it has a good plot and great characters. So… what did you think about this movie guys?

Is that the one where Robin Williams is a red robot?

I’m sick of staring at their ugly mugs on the back of my breakfast cereal boxes. I want the shit to move out.


It’s probably going to to be good compared to the mostly lame stuff that’s out right now.

All I know about it at the moment is that it’s overadvertised.

Still, it might not be too bad. Nothing with Robin Williams involved can be COMPLETELY horrible.

If you think that’s overadvretisement, you haven’t been to San Diego. There was a President’s Day sale at some car places…there where EVERYWHERE. It wouldn’t be so bad, except in stead of showing them in order, it’s 3 of the same one in a row, then the other 2, repeat.

When does the movie come out? I remember seeing previews as far back as this time last year. It must be soon.

I didn’t know about that movie until I saw it on a cereal box, even then I thought it had already played at theatres.

Have you seen One-Hour Photo? I think that’s the name of it at least. After that, I knew that guy could pull off ANYTHING.

Check the mail you’ve been recieving. You know that squiggly line that they run over the stamp? Its been replaced with “Hello from [name] and [name] star of the new movie, Robots!” and it has their picture. This is like, the biggest marketing campaign i’ve seen in awhile.

Jakob the Liar

One Hour Photo is fucking badass. Probably one of Robin Williams’s best roles.

Well, any movie with Amanda Bines is great, because she is such a cute & talented actress.

She rules. (I’ve been ‘Big Fat Liar’ too many times for her)

I may see the movie. I’m not sure yet.

i want to see i think is kind of cool and plus it looks very funny.

I second that.

Funny how I haven’t heard ANYTHING about the movie on any of the sites I frequent. I’ll let you know my opinion as soon as I get some info.

BTW, The Incredibles comes out on DVD on March 5. Very much looking forth to it, particularly the “making of” features it’ll surely contain.

Try anything related to Disney or Pixar. It’s everywhere.