Robots are taking us over

Hey guys, every noticed that robots are being invented that are taking over human beings daily functions and enjoyments. Like this little bastard [link], damn Japanese are too smart.

uhh… what? all it does is lead to the wikipedia article on HTTP.

Someone’s had a few too many doses of The Matrix.

Naa…Just feeled bored so I created a thread. And I think you mean a dose of “Transformers.” Silly…:smiley: Here is the newly fixed link, sorry about that.

It still doesn’t actually link to the video itself. >_>

Strange, it works for me! Well you can get out the gun and take me out back if you want. :boring:

Speaking of robots taking over our daily enjoyments:

I’m not really that impressed. There’s been automated piano players for ages, it’s almost a suprise this hasn’t happened sooner.

That second robot, however, I am very impressed by.

Thanks for that link to crashit city there RPer. Once I’m done relogging on and informing you about my inability to play the video (unless you were trying to tell us about that ad which was written by robots) to see what you were talking about I’m going to have to run the system restore just to make sure I won’t be set up the virus/trojan/spybot/worm/bomb/ect.

On the other hand it’s about damn time someone created a robot dog humping robot.

Hey, baby, wanna kill all humans?

no duh

Sil knows what he’s talking about. Also, the sound of the robot is awful.

I more like the robots serving drinks. That’s awesome.

Oshi–it’s a fucking robot! D:

::dekar!::Well Silhouette2, soon robots will be able to play the sax and you’ll have to change your sig. Anyway, robots are cool and all, but some are made to do the stupidest things. They just prove that humans are too damn lazy to do these little things themselves. Sooner or later, robots will be able to everything, people will be more obese, and they wont be able to even walk 2 inches. Besides, some things are just too great to get rid of, like there are are DVDs and stuff, but there will always be movie theaters cause there’s the thrill of sitting down, watching a movie on the big screen, and eating popcorn. Same thing interments and stuff, it’s the thrill of actually playing music. We should stop making robots to do our own damn work, cause we barely do any work as humans anyway!

Agreed, a cinema evening or blasting off that perfect improvised trumpet solo is awesome. :moogle: Way more awesome than hearing one.

I don’t think robots would play improvised that well anyway. It’d be… bad.

Or that they don’t want to (I’m not talking about trumpets and saxes here). Yeah, if I weren’t lazy, I could go till the earth with my bare muscular hands while my wife washes clothes by hand, dipping them in the river and beating them against a rock. I somehow think a robot getting drinks to the guests is a better situation. (Also: Robot Trainer! Lose weight NOW! Surprise your friends! 68 installments!!!)

This has come to my attention:

Eugh. Why don’t they start with something that fits them? Like “We are the robots”.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t find sax playing robots that interesting.

Now if that robot was 16 ft tall and could shoot rainbow laser beams from it’s eyes then I would be impressed.