Robot sex

Is this going to end up like the sorcerer’s apprentice in a week?

I was going to post this TD. :frowning:

Fun… but where are the nanobots?! We want nanobots! :ark: :victoly:

A correctly functioning nanobot would probably destroy the earth in a matter of days.

Hellz yeah! This is the stuff I like. I can’t wait for some vids

I wanna a robot. ;-;

72 hours, to be precise.

I’ve read enough science fiction about machines gone bad that this idea is more than a little scary. Still awesome though. I wonder where things will go from here.

I love it!

Wait what?

Lets make two nanobots!

A functioning nanomachine would multiply at such a speed that roughly 72 hours after it’s been set loose the entire world has been converted.

A correctly functioning nanobot?

  1. who would make a nanobot with the purpose of turning the entire world into nanobots
  2. there is no reason such a thing would necessarily be possible
  3. where does this 1 day or 72 hours or whatever come from, even if it were possible how do you estimate the time it would take?

I have no idea where and how the calculations were made, I just know that they were and that the end result was somewhere around 72 hours. I assume the amount of matter on earth is roughly calculable, and applying an ever-increasing multiplying formula onto that number would produce the result (assuming that the time neccesary for creating each machine was the same).

And how would a nanobot that rearranges nearby atoms in exact replicas of itself to create more copies of itself etc (von Neumann machines) be neccesarily impossible, either? As far as I know that’s pretty much the only way we’re ever going to be able to make some use of nanotechnology, due to how retardedly complex it’d be to manually create each machine, since we’d need tons of them.

If I’m not mistaken our DNA molecules do pretty much the same thing, converting raw materials into humans.

No more far-fetched than “lol robots kill humans lol”.

Booo! It’s preprogrammed!

Hey, christians, is Robot Sex moral? I’d like to know if I can say ‘awesome’ without burning in hell.

Speaking seriously, last time I checked the Catholic Church (or Christian churches in general) doesn’t require animals to be married in order to copulate. Since animals can be equated to robots because they don’t have souls (though self-awareness could be debatable for robots as they progress), I don’t think Catholicism (or again, Christianity) would have anything to say about robot sex.

Of course things can make copies of themselves. But can this be done at the nanoscale level in a way that would allow self-replicating nanobots to convert the whole world into nanobots? Certain conditions are required for the self-replication, and the things that are replicating would not necessarily always be able to create the conditions, or even to create them requires time and energy.

I think you are missing the whole “theory” angle of this. Nanotechnology isn’t more than a far-fucking-fetched dream right now, as creating a machine the size of something we can’t even see with our best equipments is impossible, not to mention that the normal rules of physics used to build machines don’t apply on the molecular level.

IF a self-replicating nanobot were created, then the replication would be extremely simple. Seeing as the nanobots work directly with the atoms, they would have no trouble shifting matter by transforming it’s basic molecules into nanomachine colonies. Literally, nanobots could create matter from subatomic particles (Nano-Assembling) and destroy matter by dividing it down to said subatomic particles (Nano-Disassembling).