Robocop lives!

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Well, sorta.

I’ve been following the development of this technology for some time now. I intend to be working on it eight years from now as a neurophisiologist (I think I mispelled it ><).

The first creature I saw using that technology was a small monkey called Belle. In her case, however, she hadn’t lost a limb. she controlled a robotic arm that stayed in the same room as her. Her brain got quite adept at moving the arm with her thoughs so it was like having an extra limb for her. Then I read about rats moving food-releasing levers with their thoughts.

I have a lot of faith in this field. If I remember well, some doctors at CalTec are preparing an electric wheelchair with sensors connected to the user’s spine. The user may drive the chair just by thinking. It’s coming before bionic legs because it’s more stable. I have data on it in some magazines I have at home, I’ll post more about it tomorrow.

Man, this is great! That is, until some morons add giant laser guns to it. Then we’re screwed.

Now THAT’S what I call using your brain.

I’ve also been interested in bionic limbs for some time now. I think that it’s a unique type of technology, and if it isn’t abused, it can be put to some good uses.

Man, I can’t wait till they have the technology to surgically graft a railgun onto my arm.

Unfortunately, that’s a colossaly massive “If.”

But until then, I’ll quote little Stewie from Family Guy:


I thought this was going to be about the movie series of Robocop, and was prepared to flame, but meh. This IS interesting, however.

Back to the movie, though, Robocop blows. What is he? A cop with cyborg implants. Yay. sicks the Terminator on his ass

Dude have you everplayed Robocop vs. Terminator? Robocop totally won.


This is going to inspire someone to make a movie called the ‘Revolt of the Mind Controlled Limbs’. Someone always make bad movies, with even worse titles, when someone make a scientific advancement like this. It’s the 33rd rule of Nulani.

I like my real hands, and I don’t really want to replace them with anything. Not even a bucket and a loudspeaker.

From the ExamCram2 book on Windows XP Professional, page 88:

<i>To retain only an object’s source permissions without inheriting any permissions from the destination folder, use the Scopy.exe tool or the Robocopy.exe tool from the Windows 2000 Professional Resource Kit, or the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit</i>

RoboCop is everywhere.