RO download problem

Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this thread ok.

So im planing in trying our RO but i need to get the Multi-filed client since the game is to big for me to download directly.My problem is that how do i open the files? I know i need Win rar but after geting it,what do i do?Please help me in any way you can and thanks in advance.

I would think that you want to download all 10, then by extracting the first one it will auto extract them all. If not, extract them all manually in to the same folder.

All right i use the Winrar to extract it,then i have to use Winzip classic interface but i dont know what to take out:The setup.exe,Ragnarok.exe, or Rag.exe

I may be wrong, but its always a good idea to extract all the files in a archive. I use kRO though, so i dont know if there is a difference.