RO Bots
Go play this, it’s right up your alley.

Certainly the lol of the moment.

Nothing beats punching bunnies to death under the guise of a talking robotic pony monk.

Damn… I was expecting a game.

It is a game, just it plays itself for you :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had it minimized for hours… I’m a level 3 crested dwarven fighter/organist wielding a -2 Long Iron and a garbage can lid.

I love how all the forum peoples for that website are cleverly sarcastic about this game.

Ahh…such best. <3

P.S. And for those who’ve tried to order “Progress Quest for Dummies” but haven’t recieved it through snail-mail, here’s some Gamefaqs for ya!

Nice name and race :smiley:

That’s the point :smiley:

I’m gonna leave mine running 24/7, see how long it takes for me to be dominating!

I have a headstart.
All five of my PQ people are level 5 or higher :stuck_out_tongue:
Plus, my mom doesn’t know anything about computers. I’ll just tell her I put it in super ultra safe mode or something. Should lemme keep it on long enough to get somewhere.

I’ve been running it a day and a half and i’m at level 30.

<img src = “”>


P.S. And this is why I don’t like pudding so much…

Can I shrine it?

You guys are weak! You are no match to my Level 42 Half-Man Robot Monk!!!

Race: Half Orc
Class: Bastard Lunatic
Level: 17 at the moment.

This gam3 iz teh b3st ev0hr

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Progress Quest: The Fic