RO BGM Switcheroo

I’m gonna change every Background Music in Ragnarok Online… For OC Remixes that I think that fits the area…

What I have thought so far

RO - Be nice and easy -> Secret of Mana Aphrodite Oceanus OC Remix
RO - Watery Grave -> Super Mario 64 PearlSong OC Remix
RO - TeMPorsche -> Secret of Mana Desert Snowstorm OC Remix
RO - Travel -> Seiken Densetsu 3 Electric Fields OC Remix
RO - Morroc Theme -> Xenogears TransientSands OC Remix
RO - Geffen Theme -> Xenogears Gathering Stars OC Remix

And those I want to replace…
RO - I miss you -> (Want a calm and peaceful song)
RO - Pampas Upas (Agriopes song) -> (Mountain song?)

I want to place:
Secret of Mana Secret of Spam (8 Bell Mix) OC Remix
Any suggestion?

How is I Miss You not calm and peaceful? And it’s the best song in the game except One Fine Day anyway.

Yeah, I know it is. Its because I go there so often and hear it so much I wanna change it.