Rise of Legends

Seems just like your everyday RTS, but this game actually made me interested in RTSes again.
Just by playing the demo has made me interested in the game enough to be willing to buy it right when it comes out :open_mouth:

All I’ve heard/read/played has been the demo, meaning I only know about the Vinci and Alin races. Alin is your everyday mage-like stuff (protoss/zerg hybrid?). Vinci are the technological race (terran :O) and there’s another race mentioned.
There are neutral cities/camps that you can either storm/attack and destroy, then take over, or you can buy, increasing your “national borders” which are the limits of where you can build.

It’s all a bunch to explain, but so far I’ve really really enjoyed this game.

edit: I’ll get some video of the hugely powerful units later.
The vinci have a leviathan unit which is basically a spider-like unit with shit tons of turrets/missile launchers.
The alin have a huge (HUGE) glass dragon that is just a beast of a unit to fight.
The heroes/summons are just like from Warcraft 3, only they level up the more you upgrade them, rather than how much they kill.

wtf is rts?

Real Time Strategy.

I would have downloaded the demo, but…

  1. I don’t know the minimum system requirements.

  2. I’ve heard horror stories of how buggy the demo is. Someone even admitted on Gamefaqs that they were creating another demo based on the final code.

It’s not buggy at all for me. It only crashed once.