Right Stuf special for xmas


Yeah, I’ve been following it. It’s always, “holy shitballs! this title is only this price?! I’ll order it after work!!” Then I get home and go to order, and it’s backordered.

I can be patient sometimes… I know they’re backordered, but I’m probably going to get Genshiken and FUMOFFU. I’m waiting to see what the 12th special will be, since the prices are good through the 24th.

Oooh, I want some of those. Particularly X and Samurai Champloo. I’ve got a week to figure out how much I’m willing to spend.
I’d be looking to get Fumoffu!, except I already have disc 1 with the box, so now I’m waiting for the other individual discs to drop into discontinued pricing to pick them up cheap.

I might pick up that X box, that’s damn nice.