Riftwar Saga/Legacy

For those of you that have read those series(I’m assuming someone has), I have a quick question:

Who was Miranda and who is she married to? I forget…^^;

I’m assuming you are talking about the series by Raymond E. Feist correct? If that’s true, I don’t recall anyone named Miranda. Could you give me a little more information.

Although, if this character is from the series of books Fiest wrote with Janny Wurts, I’m afraid I haven’t read them.

EDIT: I’ve been checking a couple of Fiest sites and I found one that said that Miranda’s spouse is Milamber, which I believe is Pug’s name on Kelewan.

Thank you. I needed to get a couple facts straight. ^^

I had the book series wrong too, she comes in during Serpentwar saga.