ridiculous ffX fight (pure spoiler)

I think the Sin fight in FFX is absolutely ridiculous. And I don’t mean the fins or the core, I mean the one just before you enter him, the one where he has an overdrive. It is absolutely ridiculous that I am expected to do 150k damage in a few turns, I am stuck and there is no way I can win this fight, so I may have to replay the whole game to level up properly. I am really upset, this fight seems a bit hamhanded, not really well designed at all. Bad bad square.

Advice if you are new to FFX: Don’t make my mistake, be very very carefull with the sphere grid, plan ahead and don’t worry about waiting behind a key sphere till it is unlocked. My mistake seems to be that I made Kimahri nearly useless and that I lead Tidus a mile away from Hastega.

:eek: Damn, now you got me worried about my sphere grid planning…first time I’ve played it, and I’m really not too confident on it…still, I’m only in Gagazet at the moment, so I won’t worry too much just yet.

Hmm…would you suggest using Kimahri more then? I haven’t been doing that much.

Use EVERYONE ALL THE TIME. The problem with Kimahri is that he can be anything or nothing. My problem is that I lead him around in circles leaving him in the end as nothing in particular. I would really suggest that you take Kimahri on Auron’s path. Also try to keep everyone focused towards a “target” ability, e.g. take Lulu towards Demi and then Flare, keep Tidus headed towards Hastega, etc… And make sure you always use Yuna.

I got a kick outta the Sin fights, took me one hit to take him out with my uberaeons =]

You could have solved that with Break the Damage Limit Barrier. Always overlevel your chars to prevent these kinds of things from happening :stuck_out_tongue:

I never really found any problem with that fight, I just used the aeons to blast a major sectio of his health away, then as soon as I was close enough started popunding on him with who eever has a good move.

And LS, take Zolom’s advice it is actually pretty good, even if he is not doing that well himself!!

OK, will do! It’s taking forever to get to the next damn save point in Gagazet, so I’ll have plenty of chance to level up.

Just use Anima, it’ll take 3 trns at the most.

I didn’t have the BDL. And, without extra training, the fight against Sin wasn’t too bad. You’ll just need to get your best fighters doing as much damage as possible. (But I had Holy at that time. >_<)

I didn’t have Anima or any other special aeon and I beat that version of Sin relatively easily. I just used my most powerful characters’ overdrives followed by my aeons. I’m just repeating what HS said, though. :stuck_out_tongue: I never planned anything with the sphere grid and I had no problems finishing the game.

Yeah, overdrives + aeons = easy win. If all else fails, use Wakka and Lulu to whittle him down while you prepare the rest of your party (using Hastega, Protect/Shell, etc.). I also didn’t have any real problems with that fight (and I didn’t level up at ALL at that point, although I did do most of the side quests - the only Ultimate Weapon I had was Yuna’s though).

There’s obviously something wrong with me then if you all have had an easy time with this fight.
Just checking:
-The highest HP in my party is a bit above 4k, Auron. Kimahri and Rikku are still in the 2k.
-Aeons do damage around 15k when in overdrive.
-Auron does a max of 7k when in overdrive, others can’t hope to do that much.
With the above I can’t see a way of taking 150K off Sin before he overdrives. It IS game over when he overdrives, it’s not just a lot of damage, it IS game over automatically.

Never mind, I will replay it sometime in the future, bummer.

pats Zolom on the shoulder There there…I know how irritating that is. I had real trouble with the ff8 junctioning system and had to replay a lot of it…damn. shakes fist But my stats are about the same as yours, so I think I’d better train some.