RF Online images.

Images, info, plenty of stuff.

And as Drak said earlier: Got Weltall?

Lv47 Accretian warrior battle armor. I’m more intrigued by the equal level Ranger gear

And yes it has elf chicks.

RF Online? What?

Looks pretty badass, at least.

A 3 faction MMORPG, has mecha, has ridable customisable mecha (for the race I didn’t show screenshots of), has summons and shit. It actually looks somewhat intriguing.

If we’ll try it, we might have a bit of a hard time settling all in 1 faction. Drak and me are mostly interested in giant robots (Missile launcher! Squee! Up yours Hunter Longbow!) while I’m sure Dark Sand will be over the elf chicks like white on rice.

It seems fun, if nothing else. We’re waiting to see if there’s gonna be a US Beta. I enjoyed the Space Cowboy thing, but that lacked content to keep me interested.

Space Cowboy lacked everything besides concept. And now I’m torn between casters and giant mecha, argh.

This looks interesting. If/when the US version comes out I am so giving it a shot

Damn it, I read “Weltall” and thought it was something else.

The game is releasing stateside February 14th simultaneously with the European launch. You can check out the official website here: www.codemasters.com/rfonline

And yeah i’ll go for an accretian warrior, the high level armors are just too gundam-ish to pass up lol!

Well I got into the RF Online BETA through my Fileplanet subscription… never been as satisfied to pay 6 bucks a month more than now :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, the game rocks… I chose Accretia and I must say that almost all classes play the same from one race to another. Although that may be, accretia is more badass looking lol! In any case i’ll post some images of my adventures as soon as I can… or when my beta server comes back online :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm … I am intrigued by this thingummy.

EDIT: Yeah, hot elf chicks and giant robots? IT MUST BE MINE!