Umm… I’m not a Christian, but yeah… false messiahs are always baaaaad news. Moon’s a nutjob.

Beware! Beware! Stay away from nut-jobs like him and John Ashcroft! I’ve gone to a Catholic school since I was a wee one, and I’ve seen my fair share of Catholic and Christian nuts. He’s just another one of those Christian extremists that are no better than Muslim or Jewish extremists. Thank God I learned about other religions when I was younger, that and Soren Kierkegaard.

He isn’t Catholic. He has his own sect…

Prepare to be scared shitless.

Oh I know that, but there are certainly Catholic nuts out there. One of my pastors is hardcore, and believe me, no kid in their teens or twenties can even get a different opinion out when he’s around. This guy just has a blind sight on the world, not being able to see it as it is. Thank God for secular government. I’m religious, but not to the extent of this guy or Ashcroft. <shudders in terror>
Oh shit…it’s Homeland Security! They’re here to arrest me for insulting Ashcroft! Someone help me…

Ehe…anyone who says they want to bring worldwide peace through any sort of doctrine is the exact same person/people you should stay the hell away from. =p

From his website, he seems like kind of a nice guy, you know? He’s just trying to promote love and happiness in the world, and the only thing that sucks about him is that he’s all, “I’m the Savior.” And even that isn’t really such a bad thing - if you read his essays and speeches on his website, he’s pretty clear that he’d like for everybody in the world to find peace inside themselves, to become like, decent, wonderful (to a perfect level) people, without self-destructive feelings and actions…and that if a person can do that to the point where they can teach others how as well, they deserve the title of “Savior” or “Messiah,” as well. And as for his thing about, replacing the cross with the crown, uh, the only biblical holy reference to a crown in the Bible was Jesus’s crown of thorns, which might bring about different connotations than what the dude freaking out in the blog was insinuating. Keep in mind that blog is like, not a direct source - we don’t know what Moon really meant.

In any case, what might be a bad thing is that people are sort of historically predisposed to think of messiahs as being more capable of living more beautiful lives than they are, and so they revere the messiah - whereas, the more helpful truth is, everybody’s capable of it. I think Moon might realize this, on an intellectual level definitely, and…probably on an actual (relating to his acts) level, too. I just hope he’s able to make it clear to everybody that this movement isn’t about him being Messiah and distributing hidden teachings, it’s about everybody in the world unlocking their full potentials as perfectly loving human beings. And I really hope that the US government doesn’t fuck his teachings up - that’s the thing, I think, that we gotta be very afraid of - Moon himself seems like just a harmless hippie/love-everybody sorta guy, who happens to (for whatever reason) have a bunch of power in the world.

–Mazrim Taim

I remember Jesus coming to Earth in a more…humble fashion. He lives rather humbly up until his death. This guy may have a flowery message, but his crown is extravagant while the crown of thorns was painful. However, if people listen to his overall message and not the Messiah stuff, Taim makes a valid point.

Yeah, heh…that was kind of retarded, but I think that was an American thing. I mean, dude. I’m reading his history right now, and like…he’s a pretty awesome guy. I wouldn’t like, worship him, like a lot of people seem to think they have to do, but I respect him a lot. Check it out, this is an account from a guy he went to prison with in 1981 after he was jailed for some bullshit offense.

"I was fortunate. I only had to be in Danbury for three months. I knew I was going, and I knew Reverend Moon was there. They had it in the paper every other day. I was curious. As it turned out, I was in the cubicle right next to Reverend Moon’s, five feet away. Reverend Moon has a very good sense of humor. It’s hard for me to think of a person as being mean or brainwashing people with the sense of humor he has. He truly loves people. I mean, he likes being with them. He likes being kidded, he likes being teased. I never saw a mean act on his part. He never asked for special treatment. He mopped floors, cleaned tables, and he helped other people when he was finished with his job.

When you’d be down in spirit, he’d come along, pat you on the back, and smile and laugh. He doesn’t put on a face today, or put on generosity or kindness today and then not tomorrow. Reverend Moon is Reverend Moon, a very steady, ongoing force. I think that man could be happy wherever he went. He carries his religion with him. He doesn’t need a book. Everyone feels it. It’s very evident.

Reverend Moon has never complained about what the government did to him. He has never accused the government of a witch-hunt, mainly I think because he refuses to dignify it. I find it almost impossible to believe the stories that they spread about him, after having met him. That man would not do those things, it’s impossible. My own personal belief is that it was a witch-hunt."

He doesn’t seem like a jerk who’s obsessed with putting other people down to help himself, like Jerry Falwell or other dumbshits. I dunno. Maybe I’m kind of a hippie at heart, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maz: Except for the fact they are under cult watch. Say one thing and do another.

You have nothing in your hands. any power you have, comes to you from far beyond. everything is fixed, and you cant change it!

Wait…what point do those links prove? They’re like, basically saying that his Unification Church ISN’T a destructive cult, in which case…whatever, man. Let him be, he seems to be a nice, loving guy. Just because incredibly SHITTY people admire him, doesn’t mean that he himself is despicable. You know? I just don’t understand why you’ve gotta be all hating on him. I’m trying to find examples of bad things that he himself has done or taught…and if you can point me in the direction of something, let me know. The 709 “programmings,” if you read the whole link you posted, were proven to be mostly hoaxes.

I kinda wish he didn’t own the Washington Times though…that’s kind of a suckiness point on him, but it’s difficult. He oughtta be more careful about what the things representing him put out, but it’s really difficult to have control on a focused level, if you accumulate so much stuff. People can and I’m sure do some pretty shitty things in his name, but the same thing is true for Jesus, and he wasn’t such a bad guy.

This is why I read Soren Kierkegaard. He was back in the 19th or 18th century I can’t remember. You’d like this guy if you’re an individual at heart, and he wasn’t a cult and/or sect leader.

Man, that SUCKS. I totally got proven wrong. At least, told wrong by what seems pretty reliable. Oh well. Sucks for me, and shame on this Reverend Moon dude. It seemed kinda too good to be true that a decent human being was getting into big power on the U.S. governmental level, but whatcha gonna do.

Don’t sweat it man. It happens to all of us…

Freaky man!
Make him stay away!

Let’s use brute force instead :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: