Revealed at last: The plot of x-Men 3!!

About bloody time, too:

Yeah, we’ve already heard these rumors, but this officially confirms them.

And hey, Kelsey Grammer looks better as The Beast than I expected him to!

It looks like this will indeed be the best X-Men movie so far. :hahaha;

And the novelization is by Chris Claremont, the man who MADE the X-Men be what they are. Accept no substitutes.

Looks neat.

On a side note…are you a Trekky? :stuck_out_tongue:

I can never accept Kelsy Grammar as The Beast. NEVER.

Why not? He fits the role and besides, just about anyone could play Beast. All you have to do is get painted blue and act all smartly like. Which from the pic the costume looks good and we all know good ol’ Fraiser can sound all smart. :stuck_out_tongue:

Warren gets a part? I dunno, I just hope they pull some shit to make him start as Death.

All in all, it’s pretty much what you would expect. I’ll be looking forward to this, even if it’s just to see a blue Fraiser :stuck_out_tongue:

Varan: No, I’m not a Trekkie (though I like Star Trek just fine, I just am not devoted enough to be called a true Trekkie.) I found the article by following a link from a comic book site.

Jango: Grammer is a good actor as well as a comedian, and the part of The Beast can be tragic if written correctly. Hopefully there will be some emotive scenes with him in the movie (as well as funny ones!)

Seraph: Heh, I have to admit Angel was never cooler than when he was Death of the Horsemen of Apocalypse. He had those cool feather-shooting metal wings back then; They should’ve let him keep them. :slight_smile:

Kelsey Grammer is the only person I can think of that can talk proper enough to play The Beast. He even has the wire-framed glasses already.

I still object a little to the beast having joined after Wolverine in the movies, as a canon whore, but they can’t really change it, and everything else looks excellent. Plus, I can understand having wolverine join first, as logic tells us Wolverine>All Other X-Men Except Deadpool and Omega Red. Wolverine=Deadpool. Omega Red=Unfairly Awesome.

You can’t possibly still expect canon after the last two movies. Just be content if they don’t brutally nerf charcters like they did with Kurt.

I never liked Omega for some reason. He just seemed… boring.

Heh, I’m anxiously waiting for this movie. I always watched the x-men episodes long ago.

And good to see Phoenix is making an appearance in x-men, that was always a cool bunch of episodes in the series long ago. Though I’d really love to see Mr.Sinister and Apocalypse appearing in one of the movies. :cool:

They likely will. Age of Apocolypse storyline has been their best seller and a plotline for a game. Makes sense economically, but they’ll have to lighten it for the pg-13 crowd.

RIP Kurt.